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Electric vehicle conversion

Why electric vehicle conversion

The idea of an electric vehicle conversion has sidetracked me from my water4gas ongoing project. I’m hoping that this post will bring Bob back around to comment on the subject. But first let me start by telling you how this happened.

I live in the South East part of the United States. For the last three weeks we have been going through something that I have never seen in my entire life. Gas stations are out of fuel to pump. Long lines and high prices are breaking records in my area. In many cases, you can wait in a gas line for an hour or more only to be disappointed when you finally make it to the nozzle.

As I sat in line in my water for gas converted blazer, my overwhelming thought was. I don’t care how many miles per gallon I’m getting. I don’t want to buy fuel at all. The only way for me to accomplish this goal would be an electric vehicle conversion. Note I may not be the average citizen because my daily commute is less than 20 miles round trip. This makes me a perfect candidate to be behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

electric vehicle conversionI would like to buy a Chevrolet Volt but this vehicle is 2 years away from production and will most likely be out of my price range. So I have acquired a 1987 Toyota pickup that will be the target of my first electric vehicle conversion. This is what I think will be the perfect platform to carry the batteries and also has room for the modifications required. I’m hoping that this post will attract readers that have experience at this conversion. And that they can provide some tips in the comments area.

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I purchased an electric vehicle conversion guide and I am currently reading through the 5 e-books. So far I like the material in the main book and will provide a full review in my next post. My 2004 Chevrolet Blazer will not be the vehicle I will convert. So my water for gas testing will be put on hold for now, but I am not giving up on it and will continue to test and improve it in the future.

Electric vehicle conversion guides

There are lots of choices when it comes to purchasing one of these step-by-step how-to guides. A family that lives completely off the grid writes the one I purchased. They use wind and solar power to operate everything in their home. They have been doing this for 15 years. They use large banks of batteries to hold the energy created by their generators. They have become experts at reconditioning batteries.

This is what attracted me to their stuff over the other ones that were available. They also provided 4 bonus books that explain in detail how they created a life that is not only environmentally friendly, But is free of electric bills. Like I mentioned earlier, I will provide a full review on the complete package that I purchased in an upcoming post.

image of electric vehicle conversion guideBut so far the most interesting section has been about reconditioning batteries that will be needed to convert a vehicle to electric power. Deep cycle batteries can be very expensive and have a short life span. The ability to recondition the battery saves a lot of money, and also helps the environment by avoiding disposal of the toxic substances that are contained in batteries.

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You can take a visit to the website by clicking on the book image. I am looking forward to your input and comments on this electric vehicle conversion subject. I’m also looking forward to possibly hearing from people that have already completed this task. And if I’m really lucky, I hope that Bob will resurface and provide some of his own input on this subject and also give us an update on how he made out with his water for gas system.

For new visitors who don’t know who Bob is. Bob is a chemist that is dead set against the theory of hydrogen generation for cars and the entire water4gas project as a whole. On Bob’s last comment, he had decided to purchase the water for gas guide and build his own test vehicle. We never heard back from his progress. Read through Bob’s comments it’s worth the time!