Water To Gas Troubles

water to gas imageI have the water 2 gas fuel heaters and my test hydrogen generating system installed on my 04 Blazer with a 4.3 L V-6. I have run my vehicle for the last four weeks and have some results to share with you. This water to gas post includes a progress update at the end and an explanation at the beginning.

Talking about water to gas can cause troubles. I have not posted to this blog in a little over a month. It is not because I didn’t have anything to say it’s because this blogs recent high traffic has also brought with it some problems.

Water to gas blogger is threatened

As you may know when you start a website your information is available publicly. Unless you pay extra to have this information hidden. I didn’t think that it was necessary, because I have no reason to hide from anyone. Well it is too late now but maybe I should have paid the extra money to keep my contact information private.

I received a series of calls threatening violence to my family and me if I did not remove this blog from the Internet. The callers claimed that they were trying to save the world from the water to gas products that have emerged. But in reality they were selling the water for gas stuff on their own website and my blog was getting in their way.

If there is one thing I value is my right to free speech! I did not remove my blog and continued to approve comments that were both for the water to gas products, and also the comments that were against the theory of hydrogen generation and products. Just because someone does not believe in the water to gas system does not give me the right to silence his or her opinion. Therefore if you look through the comments section on each of the posts that follow you will find opinions both for and against what I believe in.

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Water to gas blog spammed

In my attempt to approve the negative and positive comments and keep on track of my belief in the freedom of speech this blog was spammed with thousands of fake comments. So instead of posting updates to this water 2 gas blog like I would prefer, I was sorting through and approving the genuine comments from the Spam. I want to thank all the people that stopped by to visit and took the time to write genuine comments about this highly contested subject.

Water to gas update

water to gas help imagesYes, I have the fuel heater, and the water to gas hydrogen on demand system installed on my 04 blazer that has a fuel sucking vortec 4.3 L V-6. I have run my vehicle for the last four weeks and will now share some results with you.

First of all I had bought this truck Brand new in 04 and have run it in varying conditions for the last four years. This suv has received 15 miles per gallon in the city, and only 16 miles per gallon on the highway. I do not know why the fuel economy is so poor from this small V-6 truck. But I know other people with this vehicle and their results are the same.

The window sticker that came with the vehicle stated 17 miles per gallon highway. So my results are in line with what the vehicle is supposed to receive for fuel economy. With the water to gas hydrogen bubbler and the fuel heater installed. I have received 18 miles per gallon city and a recent trip to Fort Myers has yielded 21 miles per gallon on the highway.

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I am quite impressed with these results. I also believe that there is more room for improvement. My next purchase will be an oxygen sensor enhancer and test the operation of this device.

The water for gas website includes access to a marketplace area where you can buy these devices already built. I plan on visiting the water for gas marketplace and purchasing one of these pre built devices. I will continue to approve your water to gas comments and keep you updated on further results.