Water4gas Is Dead?

Is Water4gas dead or dying? Ozzie Freedom stated in a letter to members which I am one, that things are moving forward (You can read the letter from Ozzie at the end of this post). But to me it seems that the water 4 gas movement has lost its forward momentum mainly due to public interest waning because gas and oil prices have been pulling back lately. Human nature dictates once you pay $4.25 a gallon for regular that when the price pulls back to $3.50 a gallon this is conceived as a bargain.

Water4gas MAP sensor enhancerI am somewhat guilty of this myself. I have the water4gas system installed on my vehicle now for 2 months and still have not purchased the MAP sensor enhancer. I did take the scan gage unit out of my wife’s corolla and put it in my blazer to get a second opinion on the current results.

The scan gage confirmed my factory installed fuel trip computers reading of 21 mpg highway. This is up from the usual 15-16 mpg this truck usually receives. I have stopped using the system for city driving because the results are harder to track but it seems no improvement over my standard 15 mpg city is achieved by using it.

Water4gas founder states changes are coming

Here is a copy of the letter from the creator of the water for gas website that was sent out to members on 8/30/08.

Dear Water4Gas members: Hello, this is Ozzie Freedom.  I’m writing you this letter to let you know about something that many people have been waiting for:  The on-board computer solution.

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Firstly let me just clear up a common misconception that many of you may have: Yes there are already companies offering complete solutions to the computer issues as related to the air fuel mixture problem associated with the obd II systems.

The reason we have not been pushing these or promoting them to our water4gas members is simply because they are expensive, secretive and not based on the Water 4 Gas business philosophy of No Secrets, no patents and with affordability and simplicity being the main focus.

You could pay $1,300 dollars or more to have the computer on any new car reprogrammed and you would never have to mess with any of the sensors on the engine or exhaust. Your Water 4 Gas system would work very nicely and have permanent lasting results. You could also pay another vendor out there hundreds to sell you his secretive “Super-Duper Fuel Cell” that comes with an enhancer that balances the signals from all the engine’s sensors and makes any other enhancers unnecessary. Again, this is a patented product and not available for all to make and install.

But what about the rest of us that want to install a simple, cheap do-it-yourself solution that does not require a Master’s Degree? I write this letter to you to let you all know that this is exactly what I and Water4Gas are making. I know many of you have been waiting for the complete solution to all on-board computer problems, so I am 100% dedicated to getting this device fine tuned and released for public to use in a matter of weeks.

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scan gage imageI am working on a device that can be built and installed at home that will simply take the data from a standard Scan Gauge or similar computer, then use this information to send many signals to the vehicles factory installed fuel injection system which will in turn bypass the ECU completely. Thus giving us complete control of the fuel-air ratio and allowing the Water4Gas system to do its job, uninterrupted.

I will let you know next week of a website that will follow up on these developments.  You can give me your input and help us create this solution. Please keep doing what you are doing and spread the word about this vital technology.  We are the planet’s only hope for lasting Water-Fuel technology.  This will happen only if we work as a united global movement, not as isolated businessmen in competition with each other.

Visit the updated water 4 gas website and let us know what you think. Thank You for your time. Your partner in the water for fuel movement, Ozzie Freedom.
So I am glad I held up on purchasing the MAP sensor enhancer. We will see what Ozzie comes up with to solve the computer issues that stop the water for gas system from achieving giant gains. I am still happy with my 21 mpg highway but I am sure this can be improved.