Category: Alternative Fuels

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  • What is the Obtainable Fuel Economy

    Learn what obtainable fuel economy from your specific car is. Find out what the EPA thinks your specific vehicle should get in miles per gallon.

  • Get the Maximum Fuel Economy

    Get the maximum fuel economy that your vehicle was designed for. Why settle for less than the maximum miles per gallon that the window sticker indicated?

  • What About Diesel Fuel

    What is the difference between gasoline and diesel fuels? Are engine modifications needed to run bio diesel? Truck Technician answers these questions.

  • Alternative Fuel Types

    Two alternative fuel types that provide advantages to the automotive industry. Why the disadvantages of them have stunted development by carmakers.

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle

    Hybrid electric vehicle technology applied to mass transit. Electric hybrid diesels are running locally. See pictures of this amazing technology today.

  • Water 4 Gas Comments

    Water 4 gas comments filled with hate for hydrogen generating systems. See what I learned about the second-generation hho system at the water4gas convention.