Get the Maximum Fuel Economy

alternative fuels device
alternative fuels device

To get the maximum fuel economy from your vehicle you have to have an efficient running engine. There must be the correct amount of fuel mixed with the correct amount of air. When the engine is running at maximum efficiency not only do you get the best fuel economy and power, but also the least amount of pollutants in the exhaust.

With all of these things to gain and nothing to lose why not make sure that your vehicle is getting the absolute maximum miles per gallon that it should be. Run an actual mpg test on your car to see what your getting. Yes, the reason I am writing this article is because gas prices are fluctuating and some say we could see scary prices not seen since 2008 if something unstable happens to the supply side of the equation.

Back then I went off the deep end and was trying some crazy things to increase my miles per gallon with alternative fuels. This time around I just want you to think about getting what the car manufacturer states is achievable mpg. I know in the case of the automobiles in my family most of them are not achieving the number that was posted on the window sticker.

This is mainly because of aggressive driving habits and the word lead foot comes to mind. But in a few cases it may also be caused by lack of maintenance of things such as the automotive air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and other items responsible for complete combustion.

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Problems that Reduce Fuel Economy

Modern vehicles use a variety of ignition, fuel, and emission system designs but they all have a similar goal. This is to improve engine efficiency that can increase the produced horsepower at the same time as getting the maximum fuel economy and lowest possible emissions. These engine performance systems can contain some impressive automotive technology.

check engine light
Check engine light

They mostly depend on a network of output devices that are tied to an electronic engine control computer that make decisions based on real-time data from input sensors. To boil it down the cars computer studies how the vehicle is running and what the driver is demanding from it. It will then make lightning fast decisions to provide first what the driver needs and second the most efficient fuel economy and emissions for those conditions.

This means that the driver always has the power to override getting the best fuel economy by smashing down on the gas pedal. But maybe it is not the drivers fault?  As they say with anything that has to do with computers it is garbage in and garbage out. If the input sensors that the computer relies on for its real-time data are not providing the correct information than the end result will not be maximum fuel economy.

The computer has parameters for sensing problems with its input and output devices. It should turn on the check engine light to let the driver know that something needs to be looked into. If you’re driving around with your service engine soon light on and complaining about fuel economy at the same time think about getting the problem diagnosed.

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Often when money is tight repairs to the check engine light when the vehicle appears to be running fantastic can be put on the back burner. In some cases the problems that are keeping the light on may also be stopping you from getting the maximum fuel economy that your vehicle was designed to achieve. With the gas prices as high as they are now it may not take long to eclipse the total price of the repairs that might be needed by spending more on gas.

If I didn’t talk you into replacing your automotive air filter and fixing your check engine light yet, I have put together several pages on my other website that talks about driving habits and other things that you can do to get the maximum fuel economy from your car. If you would like to see additional articles posted on this website this next link will take you back the auto repair information blog homepage.