Water for gas scam?

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Is water for gas a scam? The hottest debate in my automotive niche that I have ever seen is about the new water for gas product. With gas prices reaching record highs and digging deeply into everybody’s pocket, Naturally people are looking for answers. When the necessary task of driving up and back to work costs 15-30% of what you will make that day, People are willing to take a chance on things that may seem far-fetched.

Enter the water for gas scam

This product seems to take advantage of the current skyrocketing fuel prices and offers people the solutions to what they need most, which is better fuel economy. Me being a certified mechanic, and also suffering from high fuel prices, I couldn’t help but be curious about the water for gas system. So I purchased it!

Not only am I a certified mechanic, but I am also certified in alternative fuels. The water for gas product includes two e-books that explain how the system works and hooks you up with places to buy the parts to build your own on-demand hydrogen gas system. Yes I do believe that the books were well written and a lot of effort was put into creating them.

The system has a few problems, which I will discuss. I have collected the necessary parts and started to build my own system. The first thing I discovered is that the system will actually work and can improve fuel economy. But since most of you have come to this page to find out the bad news I will focus more on that subject.

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Water for gas problems

water for gas imagesThe first problem is the production of hydrogen gas in the small container that is recommended will only help improve fuel economy, a small amount. The system is limited by the size of the container and the amount of hydrogen gas produced. On a four-cylinder engine, you will see in my estimate about a 20% increase in fuel economy on long commutes. But to achieve the 50% increase as advertised either a larger container or multiple containers will be needed.

The water for gas system includes a few other innovative ideas. That coupled with the hydrogen system will improve fuel economy even further. An example is the fuel heater system that is recommended in the books. I’m a strong believer in this fuel heating system because it takes the fuel and expands the molecules before it enters the combustion chamber.

Another problem with the water for gas system is that it produces the same amount of hydrogen at idle, as it does at highway speeds. This is why the system includes an on off toggle switch. If you are driving down the highway, you can leave the switch in the on position and the system will operate very efficiently. If you get stuck in traffic your engine will be idling and hydrogen gas will be produced at the same rate as if you were traveling at highway speeds. This will cause the engine to run rich, idle poorly and eventually stall, If the system is left on while idling too long. So basically, you are supposed to reach over and turn off the system, if you are stuck in a traffic jam our plan on idling for more than a minute.

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Water for gas summary

The system does work, but does have problems that may not be made clear on the main websites sales letter. If you are the kind of person that has a long highway commute this system will help you! If you do a lot of city driving in stop and go traffic You are probably best off passing on this offer.

I have a more in-depth report about the water for gas scam on my website. Or you can go directly to their website and see testimonials and videos for yourself by Clicking Here.