Toyota parts now made in the U.S.

Toyota parts now made in the United States? Many of us already know that Toyota Corporation builds many popular car models inside the United States. This is not a new development, as in many import car companies are manufacturing vehicles in the United States for many reasons.

The bottom line is that the car manufacturer will have increased profits on vehicles sold and manufactured inside the United States as opposed to vehicles that are built and imported from foreign countries. This is mainly due to high shipping costs and heavy import taxes.

But what I didn’t understand was where the parts came from. I was under the impression that the parts were manufactured in Japan, and then shipped to the United States for assembly. This is only a half-truth.

My investigation of Toyota parts!

toyota corolla imageMy girlfriend has a 2002 Toyota Corolla. It was time to replace the original serpentine drive belt on her vehicle, due to heavy cracking of the now six-year-old belt. After being very disappointed with the quality of the after market dayco belt I decided to buy a factory original Toyota part. I expected this part, to have come from Japan. When the parts counter man handed me the belt, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall thickness and quality of this factory original part.

The belt was packaged in a sleeve that indicated it was a genuine Toyota part. And even included Japanese writing on it. But on the belt itself, it said made in the USA. I was blown away and asked the parts man if this was true. He indicated that not only was the belt made in the United States, but also that it was shipped to Japan for replacement purposes on foreign operated vehicles. I think that this is very important for people to know that even though foreign cars made outside of the U.S. do not add to American jobs that foreign parts manufacturing does.

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More Toyota parts news

I came across a news story that indicated a major U.S. automotive parts supplier would build a $40 million dollar plant in northern Mississippi. These facilities will manufacturer stamped and welded steel parts for Toyota vehicles.

This new manufacturing plant will be billed as the primary supplier of metal body parts, chassis parts and plastic injection parts to the US automotive industry. The new plant in Mississippi, about 35 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee is expected to have 200 new employees dedicated to supplying Toyotas American-based assembly plants.

I used to be a strong supporter of buying American cars, and I myself own a Chevrolet. But as time goes on the line is being blurred of what is American-made and what is not. There is no question that many Toyotas are built in this country and now we can say that parts are also being manufactured for these vehicles in the United States and shipped overseas as replacement parts.

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