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auto shop mechanic workingWhen you need help with auto repair billing disputes there are places people can go to register complaints and get assistance. It’s highly recommended to make the best effort at resolving issues with the car repair service center first and documenting negative results with date and time stamps. The shop needs and deserves the opportunity to make things right for all involved parties. If you skip this step you’ll weaken your position in the resolution process.

A good starting point is to understand what you are entitled to as far as your rights as an automotive service customer. Here is a State Government document that does a good job of listing out your rights. Review the retail automotive Consumer’s Bill Of Rights. Even though it’s from the State of California and references body repairs many other states have rules and regulations that are very close to the outline provided.

The Federal Trade commission is another government watchdog type agency that provides a lot of information on the subject of automobile repair shop practices. You can also fill out complaint forms and open cases on the FTC assistance website. Note: The FTC collects data, they do not resolve complaints for consumers. When they see patterns of wrong doing they open a case or assign agents to investigate further. Although the process lacks the instant gratification we often look for it still provides value for people and communities.

The FTC has an old article up on their website that provides helpful information for all automotive service customers. Even though the information is dated it still applies to modern day car repair service. There are other interesting articles posted in the automotive section covering gas mileage gimmicks and car sale scams all of them are worth reading! Get some auto repair help from the Federal Trade Commission.

It is always easier to stop problems with car repairs before they start. Communication with your shop is important and both parties should agree on the actions to be taken before the repairs begin. Don’t be shy and ask your service center to explain each section of the repair order before you sign it. This document was created for your protection!

If the business refuses to correct the problem or answer questions about the bill, legal action is always an option and may be appropriate. Your options for service and repair billing disputes includes contacting the Attorney General’s Office in your State, the Better Business Bureau office in your area, and even a local attorney can provide assistance.

I have an old book that might interest you. I whipped it up back in 06 to provide insight into the retail side of the automotive service and repair business. Not all shops are bad in fact there is probably more good ones then evil ones. But why not read the 68 page guide so you can identify who is who.