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Replace the Battery

I wrote an auto repair guide covering my experiences in the auto repair business way back in 2006. Unfortunately, I was not much of a writer when I penned the guide. Maybe someday I’ll rewrite and expand it hopefully, in the near future. Meanwhile we made many of the original stories and articles available at no charge for site visitors over at auto

The original auto repair guide came in around 68 pages of true automotive insider information. Of course, it’s told from my jaded point of view. You can browse through these different posts on my auto repair book page at the previously mentioned website. The guide sheds light on what it’s like to work as a mechanic in the sometimes perilous world of retail car repair.

The original intent of sharing this information remains the same today. The more you know about the automobile in the business that is set up to suck money from it the better equipped you are to handle the unavoidable maintenance situations. With that said the more things you learn how to do yourself less reliant and become on the honesty of complete strangers.

Do-it-yourself Auto Repair Online Repair Manuals Online Repair Manuals

Throughout the pages of this website and the two others that I manage we share detailed information about fixing things yourself. In addition, learning to do your own maintenance can take you out of the cross hairs of possible scams and rip-offs associated with some auto repair businesses.

When you start to learn your way around the automobile having access to quality information becomes important. This is why I’ve always recommended getting your hands on a factory auto repair manual. These complete car specific workshop manuals provide an unparalleled level of expertise.

Of course they’ll tell you what kinds of fluids to use and supply capacities. But they also give you part numbers of the original equipment maintenance items that belong on your specific automobile. Although all of this maintenance information is great to have where an auto repair manual becomes a necessity is when diagnosis is necessary.

Diagnosing Cars with an Auto Repair Guide

Repair your car book cover
Repair your car book

Automobiles built in the last 20 years are complicated pieces of equipment. The car makers employ technical writers to help dealership level technicians quickly evaluate and solve car problems. These form the pages of a factory auto repair manual.

Some manufacturers will not ship new products until these books are on the shelf at the dealership location. Although all of the employees that work in the service department understand the importance of these materials often do-it-yourself mechanics do not.

Professional technicians use these service manuals for diagnosis of complex problems. They included tree charts and latter diagrams. These walk you through a rational step-by-step process. This directs you to the root cause in the shortest amount of time. After the failed component is isolated these manuals then explain how to replace the failed part with precise step-by-step instructions.

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It will be a big help and assures this automotive blog will continue to grow. This auto repair information guide is meant for retail service consumers. However, not shop owners or mechanics that already know what happens behind the scenes.