Inside Water4gas Website

Hydrogen generator imageThe water4gas website has come a long way in the seven month’s that I have been a member. When I bought my water for gas books In December of 07 there really wasn’t much to the website. So I just downloaded my two books, the comprehensive parts list, and my bonuses. I had not gone back to the water 4 gas website until I started receiving questions about what the support in the forums were all about.

image of oxygen sensor enhancerI am glad I revisited the members area, because it really has grown fantastically. When you first purchase the product you’re taken to a download page that also provides links to all of the other features that the water4gas website provides for its users. Let me give you some examples.

The VIP lounge is basically like a site map for what is available to the community. It also provides a list of vendors and electronic stores that have been used by the community with good results. Basically the links in the VIP lounge are websites that deliver what they promise for fair pricing. I also liked the tax credit links and am looking forward to the look on my accountants face when I ask him to submit the supplied forms.

Also provided at the top of this list is a link to the water for gas forums. I spent a couple of hours going through the different threads and posts to this forum and found it very motivational and helpful. There are lots of individuals discussing their successes and failures with their specific model vehicles. And this can be very helpful to people with the same common vehicle. If your still stumped they provide a help desk that I have not used.

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Water 4 gas what else is inside?

The frequently asked questions area is a must visit. It answered every question I have ever been asked about the system. Some examples are: You can add washer fluid to prevent freezing, how to charge the water, why and how to mix the baking soda and I could go on and on.

complete water4gas kit imageThe water4gas marketplace is only accessible to people who have purchased the program. The market place contains high and low quality kits that are completely built, tested and ready to go. These complete kits range from $90 all the way up to $300. But it is nice to have the option to go ahead and purchase these items to push your project along quicker. I’ve had a lot of visitors to my blog that have purchased systems without buying the books and cannot understand why their system is not getting the results claimed.

The reason being is that they never purchase the books and do not understand how the system works. In most cases they have installed the hydrogen bubbler, but not the O2 sensor or map sensor enhancers. If you do this you will only get modest gains if any at all.

map sensor enhancer imageI am guilty of this same procedure. I installed the electrolyzer and tank plus the fuel heater, but not the sensor enhancers. I have received modest results because of this. I am seriously considering purchasing the ready-made sensor enhancers from the water for gas marketplace. This is mainly due to time constraints to build my own devices using the instructions and parts lists provided in the books.

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Over the last seven months I have had a love-hate relationship with my water for gas system. But after seeing the improvements to the water for gas membership website, I have a new motivation to push forward with my system. I know one thing for sure gas prices will not be going down. And there are even talks about
five dollars a gallon in the United States. This is further motivation to continue with the project.

To sum it up: The water for gas website has come a long way and has become a community driven open source project that I am proud to be a part of. I see a lot of people insisting that the system doesn’t work. Yet they refuse to try it because they are smarter than everyone else. You will get out of the system what
you put in and you will get nothing if you don’t take action.

Yes, I’m going to put a link to the water for gas website Here. Yes it is an affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission if you purchase it. I will use the funds to reinvest into my system and report the findings, pay for hosting fees and parts supplies.

If you want to purchase the water for gas system without supporting my effort that is fine by me. Just go to the address bar and type in the website address directly, which I’m sure you know by now, press enter and you will have cut me out of the loop. Or visit the website from this link.