Water4gas Update

I have some results to share with you about the recent install of the water4gas fuel heater in my 04 Chevrolet Blazer. The results were not spectacular. After having the water for gas fuel heater design, installed on my truck for the last two weeks, and doing mostly city driving, a gain of only 1 to 2 miles per gallon was observed.

image of me and my toolsThis may seem like a very small gain and it is, but to me it is huge. The reason being is my 4.3 L engine has never received more than 15 miles per gallon in its three years of operation. For the first time, this truck has seen 16 and 17 miles per gallon with just the fuel heater installed.

As far as fuel heaters go the one I used is a fairly weak design. There are more advanced fuel heating units available such as the one pictured above. I will be investigating this one as well as other units made for heating diesel fuel.

I will also be moving the test hho generator I installed in my wife’s Toyota Corolla To my Chevy Blazer and begin testing this weekend. I went through you tube and watched many videos that were extremely motivational. Here are my 2 favorite short ones showing an advanced system and the very believable results.

Water4gas Demo Videos

Water4gas Results Update

Just to update you the gentleman with the Saturn in the above videos has added a variable resistor to the o2 sensor circuit and has now achieved 44mpg with his Saturn that would normally get around 27 mpg on a good day with a tail wind. Just about every component of his system has been upgraded from the original water4gas system.

I am going to make a commitment to dedicate more time to my water for gas project. The whole idea behind this system is that it teaches you enough to make improvements to achieve bigger results. Also after watching the videos available I see that the largest improvements are made when bigger and stronger hydrogen generators are installed in conjunction with oxygen sensor modifications. I will be exploring both of these upgrades and will keep you up-to-date on my results.

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I invite your comments and constructive criticism, just as I have in the previous four posts. The water for gas website has also added new testimonials and videos If you would like more information on what I consider a valuable learning experience.