Cadillac engine control module image

2009 Cadillac Recall

Cadillac engine control module image
Engine Control Module

I got the 2009 Cadillac recall done on my SRX yesterday. I thought that sharing my experience with visitors would be therapeutic for me and helpful to people that are often recommended services by the dealership. I suspect that this recall more than likely affects all Cadillac models with the 3.6 L V-6 engines.

One thing that is interesting about this Cadillac recall (#10287) is that the recall itself boils down to a software type update for the engine control module. Cadillac states the reason for this upgrade is to prevent excessive wear on the timing chain. How often can you connect software with hard engine parts wearing out?

To clarify the upgrade forces the engine control module to recommend more frequent oil changes. Here is a quote from the recall notice that was sent: “we have determined that under certain driving conditions, and with extended oil change intervals, the timing chain could wear prematurely and cause the illumination of the service engine soon light. Timing chain wear can be affected by the age of the engine oil and driving conditions”.

What will the Cadillac recall do

Here is another quote from the letter that was sent that covers what they will do in the recall. “To ensure your vehicle will not experience this condition, your Cadillac dealer will change the calibration of the engine control module, including the engine oil life monitor, which in most cases will recommend more frequent oil changes”.

Image of recalled Cadillac
2009 Cadillac Recalled

I certainly appreciate that General Motors is looking out for me and my automobile because not only was it expensive, I really like the car and hope that it will last a long time. But I did wonder how long will the Cadillac recall take to complete? Leaving the vehicle would certainly be an inconvenience even though the dealership offered shuttle rides.

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I set up an appointment with my local dealership to wait for the 2009 Cadillac recall to be performed. They stated that it would take about two hours. The time estimate was fairly accurate but came in closer to 3 hours. When I got my receipt that stated what was done, it showed a warranty laborer operation number and how much time the dealership was compensated for the task.

The time was .4 which is about 20 minutes in the real world. It would be nice if the dealership had more efficient scheduling so my wait time would’ve been closer to an hour. Another thing about going into a dealership for a free service is that they will in most cases suggest that you spend some money while you are there.

Services recommended by the Cadillac Dealer

Before my vehicle was released the service adviser approached me with a nice list of things that I could do to my less than two-year-old vehicle with about 27,000 miles. The total of the estimate was over $350 of cash services. Two things that stood out were they called for a climate control ventilation service.

throttle body service image
Throttle Body

This is where they would clean and treat the evaporator to prevent mold and mildew. The price for this service alone was $153 and included a waste disposal charge of $13. The other service that was recommended, that is worth noting was a throttle body service. The explanation they provided of a throttle body service is that this operation is designed to quickly remove deposits from the throttle body assembly to help smooth the idle.

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The thing about these recommended services was for one I didn’t have a problem with the idle and for two I didn’t have a problem with the air conditioning that would lead me to believe I had mold and mildew that needed to be removed. The service adviser stated that these services are recommended for the good of my vehicle. As an ASE certified Master technician in my opinion these services were recommended for the benefit of the dealership.

The interesting thing about the recall process is it pulls you into the dealership for a free service that can often lead to expensive auto repairs. Vehicle recalls are very important and you should always be vigilant about checking for campaigns that are due on your vehicle. Make sure they are applied to your automobile. But remember to carefully review any work that is recommended by the service department while you in for the no charge service.

The next link will take you to the homepage and the latest posts to this auto repair blog. If you are interested in checking on recalls for your vehicle you can call your local dealership and provide them with the vehicle identification number. You can also use auto repair online manuals to find more Cadillac recalls and technical service bulletins.