Diesel Pickups Stop Fighting It

diesel pickups imageDiesel pickup trucks have not had a large market share in the present or recent past. The automakers will try to change this in the very near future. The American pickup truck market has been the strongest sector for American-made vehicles during the last decade. Chevy Ford and Dodge have been supplying well-built long-lasting trucks to the power-hungry pickup truck market. The power plant in these vehicles has mainly been a large gas engine.

With the increasing need for every vehicle built to obtain the best possible fuel mileage, something has to happen. The most logical choice at this point would be to install a diesel power plant to preserve the power yet increase the fuel economy. The pickup truck manufacturers are betting that diesels will be a better answer for the power-hungry buyers in their market than a hybrid or alternative fueled truck.

The American buying public has resisted the diesel pickup truck for many reasons. Some of the leading reasons for this resistance would be the conception that a diesel engine is noisy, slow and smoky. And this is definitely a true statement of the diesel engines of the past. American truck manufacturers have been hard at work for the last decade to improve the drivability and performance of these diesel engines. Also for the 2008 model year, stricter diesel emissions standards has required installation of a particle filter that greatly reduces the soot and smoke that the vehicle expels.

The lackluster performance of a diesel engine has also been improved. Twin turbo diesels, along with variable geometry turbo diesels have entered the market with rave reviews. A quick search on you tube will reveal many videos of the Chevy 6.5 turbo diesel in a pickup truck turning an eight second quarter mile. Also, the Ford 6 L turbo diesel with the variable geometry turbo is a high performer right off the showroom floor.

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Why turn to a diesel pickup

A diesel engine due to its high compression ratio is a very efficient internal combustion engine. Most diesel engines will achieve double the miles per gallon than a gas engine of the same size or displacement. Diesel engines are big all around the world and America’s resistance to the diesel engine will be coming to an end. For right now, diesel fuel prices are slightly higher than gasoline prices. This is mainly due to a sudden spike in diesel popularity.

An example of this is that when you pull up to your local gas station. There will usually be five to 10 gasoline pumps to one or two diesel fuel pumps. Once the infrastructure at your local gas station accommodates additional pumping stations and tanks for the gaining popularity of diesel engines, fuel prices should stabilize and be about the same.

The diesel engine is an amazing piece of automotive technology. Internal combustion created without a spark plug should be respected. If you want to continue to have an extremely powerful pickup truck it is time to consider a diesel-powered version of this great American workhorse.

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