Gas Caps Are Leaving

gas cap imageGas caps will be a thing of the past as Ford Motor Company takes the lead and has begun to make good on a 2006 promise to get rid of the gas caps on its entire model lineup. Doing away with the pesky lids, which often wind up left on trunks or fenders or even dangling from cars as they fly down freeways. This project moves forward in the new 2009 F150 pickup truck. The quick refueling system is already on the 2008 Ford Explorer.

Ford’s top-selling F 150 will also have this new system, which was unveiled at the North American international auto show. It will be in your local showrooms and ford dealerships this fall. This new feature is also coming to the 2009 crossover vehicle the Lincoln MKS luxury sedan.

This new feature may not cause people to buy the trucks, but it is something that they will appreciate every time you fill up. The quick fueling system that was inspired by Ford’s NASCAR racing experience first appeared on the 2003 Ford GT sports car with rave reviews. Now every body can feel like the refueling chief on a race car pit crew.

How do you fill a fuel tank without a gas cap?

The race car inspired system has two small spring-loaded tabs that pull back a flap inside the fuel filler neck as the fuel-pumping nozzle hits them. When the nozzle is pulled out a flap closes and seals the fuel filler neck automatically. Besides the convenience factor of the cap less system, there are some environmental benefits as well. The quick opening and then re-closing of the fuel filler neck allows a reduction in the escape of gasoline vapors, which is bad for the ozone and the environment.

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This gas cap less fuel filling system ends another common problem that occurs when a gas cap is not screwed on tightly enough. The dreaded check engine light that appears on the dashboard because of a fuel vapor leak will be a thing of the past. The integrity or the ability of the fuel system to hold pressure is tested by the vehicles PCM on every startup in case you where wondering.

If the you are further curious about things that turn on the service engine light you can visit my updated page about common causes of the check engine light. Also note that these are things you can fix yourself.