Cold air induction high performance air intakes

high performance air intake imageA very popular performance upgrade is the replacement of a vehicles stock air intake system with a high-performance cold air induction system. The ease of installation and a large bang for the buck has made this one of the first stops on the do-it-yourself performance-enhancing modifications.

A brief understanding of your stock air intake system should be reviewed before you make this purchase and this modification.

The factory air intake system was designed by engineers to be efficient, and also quiet so that it would appeal to most drivers. Air induction components consist of the intake manifold; throttle body assembly, ductwork, air filter and air cleaner housing. Depending on the application, parallel air ducts may also be used to aid in silencing the air induction noise.

On systems that use mass airflow control, the integrity of the ductwork is extremely important. This is because a leak downstream of the mass airflow sensor will cause the engine to draw in UN metered air. As a result the air fuel ratio will become to lean. This can result in engine damage over a long-term situation.

When checking for air leaks on this type of system, look for in properly installed rigid ductwork and cracks in the flexible air intake hoses. While the condition of the intake plumbing may not be critical to mixture balance on speed density systems, missing or damaged ductwork or hoses can cause other performance problems.

For example, a leaking or damaged duct will allow the air intake system to draw in hot under Hood air, resulting in higher combustion chamber temperatures. This can not only cause spark knock but can cause excessive NOX emissions, which may prevent your vehicle from passing inspection or smog checks.

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Understanding the layout of your factory installed air induction system will help make the modifications or the adding of a cold air intake system less problematic. After the installation of your k&n or other brand aftermarket high performance air intake system, you will want to monitor engine performance as well as fuel economy. Also if your check engine light comes on, directly after the installation of this new system. You want to do further research or visit the k&n website to find out if there are any other additional modifications required. You will also want to double-check your installation to assure that no air leaks have developed.

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