Beware of cheap oil change services

The simple oil change service. There are many kinds of shops that perform this service. Dealerships, chain stores, quick lube centers, independent shops and mobile auto repair service.

They all view the service as an opportunity to up sell you something else.

The profit margin on an oil change service is very small. The shop considers this an acceptable loss because it provides them an opportunity to look your vehicle over very carefully.

The shop calls this an at bat. And sometimes they strike out but most of the time they hit a homerun.

Being under your vehicle and then in the engine compartment to refill the oil provides them with all the opportunity needed to work up a nice big list.

Even the quick lube centers that do not even have qualified technicians are selling services like coolant flushes transmission fluid changes fuel injection cleaning and more.

It cracked me up when they started selling windshield services where they would apply a rain shedding product and new wiper blades for about $75.00.

When I say that quick lube centers do not employee qualified technicians I am being truthful.

These auto repair service shops pay a very low hourly rate and there fore are unable to find a certified technician to work for $7.00 – $9.00 an hour.

This could spell trouble for some customers. An oil change is a simple operation but if done incorrectly major engine damage can result.

For more information on how to protect yourself from the common oil change service scam visit my inside the Auto repair business page.

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