Disabling the check engine light

Most areas have state inspections or smog check points that verify the proper operation of this check engine light bulb check. If you have disconnected the check engine light, you will be in violation of the clean air act and will fail your state inspection.

Disconnecting check engine lights has become a very difficult procedure to accomplish, even if you were to ignore the law. The good news is, that it is easier to repair the malfunction than it is to disconnect the check engine light.

Disabling the check engine light would require disassembly of the dash and removal of the bulb. On most late model vehicles, this is a difficult task to complete.

Also on some models when you remove the check engine light bulb, your computer that handles the air fuel mixture will go into a backup mode.
This will cause poor gas mileage and poor drivability. In essence your computer is monitoring the proper operation of the check engine light and its bulb. The technical term used to describe the check engine light bulb is the MIL or malfunction indicator lamp.

Do not disconnect the check engine light.

Believe it or not the check engine light is your friend. It is there to notify you that your car is suffering from either a minor or a major malfunction.

Overriding this indicator light is not only against the law, it is counter productive to your vehicle’s long-term health. Learning to fix your own check engine light malfunction can be a very rewarding experience.

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