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8 Amazing Garage Upgrades That Will Improve Your Workspace

Did you know that having a garage can increase the value of your home?

That’s right – and the snazzy upgrades below will make your garage even more valuable, whether you’re planning to sell or not.

If you’re constantly tinkering away or working on DIY projects, then upgrading your garage to make it feel more like a real workshop is an excellent use of your time.

The suggestions below range from smart storage solutions to tips for making the space easier to work in. None of them cost a fortune, and most can be installed over the course of a weekend.

You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without these awesome garage upgrades.

1. Add Racks to Store Garden Tools 

Are you an avid gardener? Are your long-handled tools, like rakes and brooms, propped up in a corner of your garage somewhere?

Make them easier to access by installing long horizontal racks on one wall. You can easily slot tools into these and grab them whenever you need them.

This is much safer than having tools propped up where they could fall over, makes it easier to see what you’ve got, and will keep your tools in better condition.

2. Install a Ceiling Storage System 

Does anything that doesn’t fit in your house automatically get banished to the garage? Do you feel like you’ve exhausted all possible storage space?

Don’t despair.

Even if your garage shelves are already stacked high and you’re completely out of floor space, there is a solution – ceiling storage.

Ceiling storage systems generally work by installing metal racks on the ceiling and then slotting plastic storage boxes into them. You can label boxes for easy access, and this system is a great way to save on floor space.

Remember that you’ll need a step ladder to access your storage boxes.

3. Create a Folding Workbench 

Normal workbench taking up too much space?

Don’t worry – by investing in an ingenious folding workbench, you’ll have all the space you need for projects, without taking up half your garage.

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Attach a worktop-sized piece of wood to the wall using hinges as a simple DIY solution.

If you want to save even more space, make the section that’s attached to the wall a storage shelf for tools. Your tools will be hidden when you’re not using the bench, and easily accessible when you are – a win-win!

4. Use Magnetic Strips to Hang Tools 

Another really handy way to store your metal tools involves using the magnetic knife strips usually reserved for kitchens.

Attach a few of these bad boys to your garage walls and you’ll easily be able to ‘stick’ all your small metal tools the wall, no hassle required.

This makes it super easy to grab whatever you need and allows you to move things around to re-organize any time you like. They also work really well for small items like screws and nails, which are otherwise easy to lose.

5. Get Motion Sensitive Lighting 

Do you generally bring an old lamp into the garage for your projects?

Working in low-lighting conditions can be dangerous, especially when you’re using sharp tools or chemicals.

Installing motion sensitive lighting that’s bright enough for you to see exactly what you’re doing will make using your garage for projects feel like a dream.

It’s also a nice feature to have if you often drive home in the dark. Say goodbye to stumbling around a pitch black garage because you had to stay late at work – your new lights will have you covered.

6. Add an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Do you work on a lot of projects that involve standing in front of a workbench for hours on end?

It’s easy to get fatigued when doing work like this, especially if you’re standing on a hard concrete floor.

Anti-fatigue mats prevent you from slipping and reduce foot, knee, and back pain when standing for a long time. They’re used in many manual labor industries and don’t cost much to buy for your own home.

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Most mats will easily roll up if you don’t want them on the floor all the time.

7. Install Remote Control Operating 

Are you still opening your garage door manually?

Come into the 21st century and get a remote control operating system installed.

Not only will it make your garage easier to drive in and out of, but you’ll also be able to open the door at the push of a button whenever you’re working with chemicals and need to get some fresh air.

Some systems even have security features that link to your smartphone, which provides great peace of mind if you’re working on a project that involves expensive parts.

8. Paint the Floor

Ever get sick of looking down at the dull, grey, concrete floor while you’re working on projects?

Painting your floor in a light shade can transform a dingy old garage into a light, bright workshop that’s perfect for all kinds of activities.

Investing in making your garage flooring look nice will make you more inclined to spend time in your garage, helping you to finish your projects faster.

If your floor is stained with oil, rust, and old paint, giving it a coat of paint is a nice way to breathe some new life into the room. You’ll also be more motivated to clean up spills when they happen in the future.

Why Invest in Garage Upgrades?

If you spend a lot of time working in your garage, spending time and money on some simple garage upgrades is a great way to improve your experience.

The ideas above will make your garage safer, more organized, easier to work in, and a more pleasant environment.

Whether you install a smart new storage system to free up space for a workbench, put down anti-fatigue mats, or finally organize all those loose tools using magnetic strips, you’ll be glad you did.

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