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6 Advantages of LED Head Lights in 2019

While millions of people suffer from night blindness, most of them have to get around and get behind the wheels of a car. That’s what makes your choice of headlights so important. If you’re wondering about the advantages of LED lights over traditional lights, you’ll find that it can make a huge difference.

Here are six major advantages.

1. Installation is Simple

When you choose to upgrade your lights to LEDs, you might be worried that there’s a lot of effort involved. Thankfully, most kits are simple and don’t require special training. You don’t even need to have the most minimal technical training as the kits come with solid directions.

If you have half an hour and an LED conversion kit, you can get the job done with very few tools. You’ll save money on labor costs you’d usually spend for something like this while learning more about your car.

However, if you really don’t feel comfortable installing this on your own, you can take the kit to a mechanic to have it installed professionally. It won’t cost you much since it’s a fairly simple installation.

2. Maintenance is a Breeze

Regular halogen bulbs require replacement every year or so. When you replace one, you should always replace both, meaning that each bulb that burns out requires you to buy twice the bulbs. However, LED headlights almost never burn out.

In fact, while most halogen bulbs will give you thousands of hours of use, the typical LED headlight can last 20 years or more. This means that if you switch to LED right away, you might never have to touch your headlights ever again.

This can save you money in parts but most of all save you the stress of a burnout. When bulbs burn out, you could get pulled over. During that traffic stop, the cop could see that you’re not wearing your seat belt, that your kids aren’t in the back seat where they should be, or worse.

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Bulb burnout brings a lot of headaches, so why not go with LED and save your stress for something more important.

3. High-Efficiency Lighting

One of the things that LEDs bring that other types of lighting are missing is high efficiency. When you measure the actual amount of light that LEDs are capable of producing, you’ll find that they waste very little energy.

It turns out that that typical halogen bulb can waste 80% of its energy while an LED won’t. All of that head that a halogen bulb creates is wasted energy while an LED light will convert 80% of what it uses into light. They’re wildly more efficient.

Your alternator and battery take on the heavy lifting of providing all of that electricity that powers your lights. If you take away some of its work, you’ll find it’ll be able to last much longer. Rather than burdening it for another day with halogen bulbs, switch them out today.

4. So Cheap to Use

As stated above, LED lights last forever. When you don’t have to replace your parts that often, that means that you save some serious cash. LED headlights don’t have the moving parts that traditional headlights have, making them last much longer and be much more stable.

The efficiency of only having to change your lights when you get a new car means that you don’t have to worry about them over the life of your car. The initial component cost might be lower with traditional bulbs, but it won’t be long before the costs add up.

Don’t forget that aforementioned alternator stress. Replacing an alternator is much more expensive than installing LED bulbs. You’ll get the good end of the bargain if you convert your lights to LED as soon as you buy your car.

The sooner you change, the more money you save.

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5. Built to Last

Just looking at an LED light, you can see how much safe the construction is and how much better build quality can be. Small halogen bulbs might seem tough but they’re extremely sensitive.

You can’t touch a traditional bulb with your bare hands. Just the grease from everyday living can get on the bulb, heat up as it runs, and cause it to burst. If that burst results in a small flame, it could damage the whole outlet.

This would never happen with an LED. The quality is so much better and you never have to worry about those heat issues you get with traditional bulbs.

6. Better Quality Lighting

While we’ve talked about the efficiency and the lack of wasted power, the actual quality of light that you get from LEDs is just that much better. Halogen bulbs give you weak light that requires a lot of power to create a glow.

The glow they offer is yellowish and can be eaten up at night by dark roads. The LED light that you get when you switch over is much sharper and clearer. You’ll see more things in your path as you drive down treacherous roads.

It’s also much better for the other drivers on the road as well. When you can see them, rest assured that they can see you too. When you’re seeking the brightest of all bulbs, check out this website for answers.

The Advantages of LED Lights are Massive

If you’ve seen all the advantages of LED lights and still want to stick with halogen, congratulations because you’re a true die hard. However, when it comes to performance and quality, LED wins every time. The savings are worthwhile.

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