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Customize Your Ride: 5 Motorcycle Accessories Every Serious Biker Needs to Own

With more than 8 million registered motorcycles out there, very few bikers are casual about their love of riding. Many are committed to the lifestyle and leap at the chance to get the latest motorcycle accessories to improve their ride. With the right motorcycle accessories, you can have a fun ride that’s even more exciting because you’re prepared for problems or able to listen to your favorite jams.

Here are just five of the coolest accessories you should consider to enhance your ride.

1. An Intercom

If you ride by yourself, you don’t have a serious need to be on your Bluetooth all the time, chatting with friends. However if you find yourself riding with a pack pretty often, a Bluetooth intercom is a great choice for talking to one another without screaming your lungs out. It’s hard enough to stay in touch in life, but while you’re riding bikes together is even more frustrating.

With a Bluetooth headset, you’ll be able to hear one another easily. You can even listen to music together. Come up with a playlist of songs you all like and you’ll rock out and chit chat all on the same channel.

These systems typically have a pretty solid range, allowing you to talk to one another even if you’re spread out over a distance. You can make lunch plans, catch up, or just shoot the breeze as you would if you were riding next to one another in a car.

2. GPS Systems

While it’s fun to just hop on your bike and take it wherever the wind blows, there are other times when you need to know the best route to get somewhere. Thankfully there are more systems than ever built just for bikers. If you’re looking for a way to stay on track while on your bike, a compact and waterproof system can give you everything you’re looking for.

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Make sure it has good battery life on each charge. The last thing you need is to be way out in the middle of nowhere and have your GPS die out. It’ll leave you stranded without a way to get back where you came from.

Find one with a simple interface that makes sense as you ride. Since you can’t exactly be fussing with a GPS system while on the high way, it should be easy to use. Several systems are able to pair with Bluetooth headsets to give you the best navigation experience.

Finding the right motorcycle gps is a challenge so check out a guide when you’re looking for the perfect fit for your style of riding and traveling.

3. A Solid Multi-Tool

When you’re out on the open road, accidents happen. It’s hard to travel with a full toolkit, but having a few with you at all times can make a huge difference. When you need to pull over for a quick fix or a tightening, a multi-tool comes in handy.

You’ll need a pocket-sized tool that has everything you need that suits your bike. Don’t just buy the first one that looks good. Make sure that all of the wrenches and sockets fit your bike.

A dependable multitool is going to have a diverse set of tools on it that can help you to make those quick fixes that you need in a pinch. When you have a good tool on your side, you can ride out long distances with confidence, sure that if something happens, you’re prepared.

4. Sound System For Your Helmet

While some helmets have enough room for a pair of wireless earbuds, very few pairs can give you what you need while riding. As you ride your motorcycle, it’s often hard to hear anything over the volume and frequency of your bike. You need high-quality speakers to match the kind of output your bike is giving you.

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There are now systems that connect to your helmet to complement the soundwaves generated around you. Systems can vibrate sound around your helmet to give you the feeling of surround sound. If you love a good soundtrack while you’re riding your bike this is going to give you what you’re looking for.

When you can feel the bass, you can really get into the music you’re hearing. Check out what is out there for helmet speaker systems before you commit to one. If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a stadium, rocking out to your favorite performer, try one of these out.

5. Tire Inflator

You can never be too careful when you’re out on the road. Most people who like to ride motorcycles love the feeling of going for long distances over highways and winding roads in all kinds of weather. This is a fun and exciting way to see the world but it’s still a treacherous concept when you’re totally unprepared.

If you find that your tires are deflated while you’re hopping back on your bike at the middle of your ride, having a small tire inflator can be a lifesaver. There are some seriously impressive little inflators that give you a lot of value for what they cost. With just a 12V power source, you could end up with several hundred PSI.

Many motorcycle tire inflators are cheap and affordable while being totally dependable in those times of need.

Motorcycle Accessories Are a Great Gift

Whether you’re an avid biker or you know someone who is, motorcycle accessories make a fun gift. Give a Bluetooth intercom to your best biking partner and you’ll have a lot of fun taking on winding mountains and catching up.

If you’ve got a repair coming up you’re not sure how to pay for, check out our guide for tips.