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10 Big, Bad Truck Upgrades You Have to Have

In the first half of 2018, automakers have already sold over 8.6 million vehicles. More than 16% of that (1,415,389 to be exact) were for pickup truck sales.

By the end of 2018, total car sales jumped to more than 17 million units. And yes, the top three best-sellers were pickups, having sold 2,031,891 units in total. The reigning champs are the Ford F-Series, followed by Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram.

Whether you’re one of these new owners or a veteran trucker, you’d want to invest in some new truck upgrades. As awesome as your ride is, those factory parts don’t give it that much personality.

Personalizing your truck doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg, but it’s sure to make your ride stand out. Plus, the best truck accessories can up your ride’s safety, security, and performance.

Read on to learn about the 10 accessories every pickup owner should have!

1. Bed Liners

Loading sports gear, furniture, work tools, or equipment on your truck bed puts it at risk of paint damages. These heavy objects can even leave dents on the bed, especially if you don’t secure and tie them down.

Bedliners protect the inner side of your truck bed from scratches, dents, and even the weather. They also provide a skid-resistant surface, so your heavy cargo won’t slip and slide.

They come in two main types, which include the spray-in type and the drop-in kind. Spray-in liners are pricier, but they look much nicer and are more durable. They also have a rougher, rubber-like texture that’s better in preventing slippage.

Because they’re sprayed-on, they adhere directly to the bed’s surface. That eliminates the risk of water and debris getting under the material. With a spray-on liner, you can say goodbye to bed rusting and corrosion!

You can check this site for more insider details on how these protective liners work.

2. Ratcheted Tie Downs

Secure your cargo further with ratcheted tie downs to limit slipping and skidding. These hooked straps with a lever mechanism keep almost anything you load in your truck in place. Even during transit, the hooks and straps stay tight around your cargo.

Be sure to get ratchet straps in the right size, length, and load ratings. While they’re awesome truck cab accessories, they still have a limit to how much load they can handle.

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3. Truck Bed Cover

Truck bed covers are protective accessories that weatherproof your truck bed. You may know them as tonneau covers, camper shells, or canopies.

Their main purpose is to protect fragile or sensitive cargo from inclement weather. They’re an absolute must-have if your area tends to get a lot of rain, snow, wind, or pollution. They’re also essential when preparing your truck for winter, as they keep snow out of the bed.

Plus, lockable truck bed covers allow you to store cargo in the bed itself. That way, you can load your truck with more people while still protecting your stuff from thieves.

4. New Rims

Aftermarket rims give factory wheels that oomph they lack. These popular truck accessories can lift your truck and boost your rubber’s grip. Of course, their stunning finishes also make them head-turners.

If your goal is to increase performance, safety, and appearance, new rims are a good place to start.

5. Bed-Installed Toolbox

Every trucker needs spare tires and tools, which make vehicle maintenance a cinch. A tool kit starts with pliers, screwdrivers, ratchets, wrenches, and files. But you can also go with mechanical sets and kits that already have the most important hand tools.

Or, you can go all out with a handsome bed-installed locking toolbox. These use high-quality locking mechanisms that prevent opportunists from pilfering your tools. As for installation, you screw them onto the bed itself.

There are sliding options though, which offer more convenience. These slide on rails, so you can easily pull the box towards you as you work on your truck.

6. Winches

Fun fact: Almost nine in every 10 pickup trucker helped someone using their ride. Most of them helped tow stranded vehicles, while others pulled a car stuck in the mud.

If you want to be a good Samaritan, you’d need a winch for that. This device uses your truck’s raw power to haul or lift heavy loads, such as another vehicle.

But it’s especially important for off-road trucking adventures. Muddy trails and the rugged outdoors can leave your truck in a dangerous situation. Your winch’s motor and chain can rescue you in such events.

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7. Step Bars

Make your truck easier to enter and exit by installing step bars on both sides. They’re super handy for raised trucks or if you installed bigger wheels on your ride. Plus, they’re available in various finishes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your feet.

8. Floor Liners

It may be easier to clean your truck’s bed, but it’s a hassle to clean your cab’s floors. You have to wedge yourself in to vacuum and sweep dust and debris off of the floors. All that hunching and slouching can even strain your back.

Floor liners can ease some of the burden of cab cleaning and maintenance. They catch and trap dust and debris while absorbing liquids and mud from your dirty boots. Cleaning them is easy, as you only have to pull them out and give them a thorough washing.

Once dry, you can put them back on the floors and resume trucking.

9. Lighting Kit Upgrade

Swap your incandescent truck lights with LED ones, which can last up to 50 times longer. LED lights also produce whiter and brighter directional light. That translates to safer off-road adventures or when you have little visibility.

10. A Grille Guard

Make your ride turn even more heads with a custom grille guard. Appearances aside, this also protects your truck’s front-end from dings and dents. They’re completely customizable and available in various materials and finishes.

Drive Safe and Turn Heads with These Truck Upgrades

Every year, road accidents injure and even disable some 2.35 million folks in the United States. While you may use your truck to help others out, your priority should be to make your truck safer. Many of the truck upgrades we’ve listed can help you do exactly that.

Besides, they’ll help make your ride look way better and perform smoother, so no reason not to invest in them!

Looking for more vehicle safety tips that can potentially save lives? Then be sure to check our blog’s Automotive Safety page out! We’ve got more nuggets of wisdom to share with you there.