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2-Car, 3-Car or More? What Size Car Garage Do You Need?

There are over 268.8 million vehicles registered in the U.S. 

If you’re like most people, you probably own at least two of those cars. But does that mean you need a two-car garage? Can you get by with a one-car garage or should you go even bigger?

It all depends on your personal needs. 

Keep reading below to learn why you need a car garage and what size you should choose. 

Do You Need a Garage at All?

If you have a driveway, do you really need to bother with a garage at all? Can’t you just park your cars outside?

Well, you could, but you probably shouldn’t. 

Here’s why. 

Your garage does a lot more than give your car a place to park. It also protects your car from the outdoor elements.

Things like rain, snow, and hail can damage your car. Strong winds can make tree branches fall through your windshield. Hot sunlight can wear down the outside of your car and damage the upholstery inside. 

A garage keeps your car looking nice and functioning the way it should. 

It also protects the people getting in and out of the car. Instead of stepping out into the rain or hail, the driver and any passengers can enter and exit the car in the shelter of the garage. 

Plus, your car is less likely to be stolen if you keep it in a garage. Your vehicle was a big investment, so why wouldn’t you keep it safe? 

So no, you don’t need a garage, but you should probably have one. It will keep your family and your car safe and protected. 

How to Pick the Right Car Garage Size for Your Needs

Okay, so you’ve decided to get a garage. Now you have to figure out what size it should be. 

And this may not be as easy a decision as you think. 

You have to consider several factors when choosing the type of garage you need. Here’s a quick list of the most things to keep in mind that’ll help you discover more about the right garage for you. 

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How Do You Want to Use Your Garage?

This might seem like an obvious question, but a lot of homeowners out there use their garage as guest bedrooms, offices, extra storage rooms, and so on. Spend some time figuring out how you want to use your garage. 

If you already know you want a traditional garage space for your cars, you can skip this step. 

But if you think you might want to use your garage for something else – or if you think you might want to use it for something else in the future, take some time to consider your options. 

How Many Vehicles Do You Own?

Planning to use your garage for your cars? Then the next step you need to figure out is how many cars you have. 

Don’t just think about the cars you own now. If you plan to buy another car in the future, you’ll want a garage that can encompass that. 

Consider the fact that your current car might change. You might be able to get by with a small vehicle right now, but what if your family gets bigger? 

It’s a better idea to choose a garage with room for growth rather than trapping yourself into a small space. 

What Size Are Your Cars?

Again, you have to stop and think about size. 

A small, four-door sedan might fit nicely in a one-car garage. A pickup truck, on the other hand, will need more space. 

Find the measurements of your car/cars and compare them to the size of the garage you’re interested in.

Too small? Get a bigger garage.

Have a lot of extra space? Maybe it’s worth going a size down. 

How Much Storage Do You Want?

Make a list of all the items you plan to store in the garage. When you’ve finished, look over the items you selected. 

Are there any small things that can fit into a few storage boxes? Do you have large tools like lawnmowers and ladders?

Consider adding at least three to four feet of extra space to your garage. So if a one-car garage fits your car but doesn’t leave a lot of storage space, you may want to choose a two-car garage instead. 

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This decision comes down to how many things you plan to store in your garage. Don’t pack things in too tight. You don’t want to risk hitting the items with your car. 

How Much Walking Space Do You Want?

Remember, you have to be able to walk through your garage as well. 

And not just walk. Drivers and passengers must have enough space to open the car’s doors and get out of the vehicle. 

Don’t forget this step. Just because you can fit your car/cars and the items you want to store into your garage, it doesn’t mean it’s the right size. If you don’t have enough room to get in and out of the car, get to your storage, or even just walk through the space in general, you need to get a bigger garage. 

How Much Land Do You Have?

The size of your land is one of the biggest components you have to consider when choosing a garage size. How much space do you have to work with? Is it even possible to build a two or three-car garage?

Make sure you don’t build your garage too close to your neighbors’ property lines. If space isn’t a problem, find out if any trees or other obstacles need to be cut or moved. 

Picking the Right Size for Your Car Garage

If you’re moving into a new house or thinking about building a new car garage to your current home, spend some time considering the size. 

Ask yourself how many cars you have now and whether you plan to buy any new ones in the future. Find out how many items you want to store inside. Make sure there’s still enough walking space. 

Once you have those components planned out, you can start getting some quotes. 

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