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Get Ready for Jeep Life: 8 Tips for Every New Jeep Owner

Did you know that in 2018 there were 973,227 Jeeps sold?

With so many Jeeps being sold it’s no wonder they are seen more on the road every day.

Did you just buy your first Jeep?

While you go cruising in your Jeep, you should get used to jeep life. Keep reading to learn 8 tips for a new Jeep owner.

Get Ready for Jeep Life: 8 Tips for Every New Jeep Owner

There are a few things that new jeep owners need to know once they become part of the jeep family. Owning a Jeep is a lifestyle. Whether it’s a casual lifestyle or a hardcore lifestyle for you there are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Avoid the Death Wobble

Every Jeep brand has what’s known as the dreaded “Death Wobble.” When the Jeep reaches a certain speed it begins to wobble. The wobble makes it harder to control the Jeep and it also makes it more prone to rolling over.

If you notice a wobble immediately bring your Jeep into a mechanic to check out the front suspension system. Usually, an overloaded front suspension is what causes the front wheels to vibrate. 

2. Find a Good and Reliable Mechanic

This is important because having work done on a Jeep requires someone that is knowledgable with Jeps. Jeeps are very dependable but when you need work done on it you want to make sure the mechanic is experienced with your Jeep. 

Owning a sport vehicle also requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Having a reliable mechanic that knows what they’re doing will bring peace of mind. Do research on mechanics in your area and find word of mouth referrals by asking around where people in your area take their Jeeps.

You might also want to educate yourself on certain common issues just in case you can’t get an appointment with your mechanic immediately.

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3. Learn the “Jeep Wave”

That’s right there is such thing as a special wave when you own a Jeep. Have you ever noticed motorcycle riders wave at each other? Same thing with Jeeps. 

When you see a fellow Jeep driver wave at them and they will do the same. Jeep drivers consider themselves as special adventurers and like to acknowledge fellow adventurers with the wave. If you don’t wave back it’s considered a sign of disrespect in the Jeep world.

4. Jeep Security

Unless you own a hardtop you won’t want to just leave things in your vehicle because they might go missing. Most Jeep owners choose a soft top or no top. There are products available to help secure your items. 

Many companies have security boxes available to keep items safe while you leave your Jeep unattended. You can check out brands like Tuffy and Bestop to see their different products. You can learn more about these products online.

5. Join a Club

Jeep clubs are available in almost every part of the country. Joining a club is a great way to find fellow Jeep enthusiasts like you. They can help you with any newbie Jeep questions you have which will come in handy in the beginning.

The clubs are known for traveling together and looking out for each other. A local club will allow you and your family to experience the great outdoors with fellow Jeep adventurers.

You can search on social media platforms like Facebook for other Jeep owners to see what clubs they are part of. Meetup also is a good place to search for Jeep get-togethers.

6. Love Your Open Roof

Not every Jeep has an open roof but if yours does this is a perfect way to enjoy and appreciate the fresh air. The unit is easy to remove which is a plus. Everyone riding in your Jeep without the roof on is going to enjoy the entire experience. 

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Going on an off-road excursion? Take off the roof and take in the beautiful scenery because not many vehicles offer this type of adventure.

7. Attend Jeep Events

Believe it or not, this is an important part of Jeep life. Most Jeep owners find events in their area or possibly other areas (to have an excuse to drive) to meet fellow Jeepers. 

Some events have obstacle courses set up and off-road trails for you to try out. This is great for a new Jeep owner to get the feel for off-roading while doing it in a safe manner but still have a ton of fun. 

A well-known event in the USA is the Jeep Jamborees which usually has obstacle courses, trails to try out and enjoy your Jeep while meeting fellow Jeep owners. 

8. Enjoy the Ride

Last but not least, this tip is a reminder to enjoy the ride. Your new Jeep is more than a commute vehicle. Your new vehicle is capable of a ton of off-road fun. Few vehicles offer the option of traveling off the beaten path.

With so many places to go see you will have some incredible opportunities for adventures that others don’t have access to. Don’t be scared of getting stuck and allowing that fear to keep you from the unique adventures a Jeep offers you. 

Welcome to the Family

Now that you are a new Jeep owner and feel like an expert after reading the tips above, welcome to the family. Get out there and enjoy the open road fellow adventurer.

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