The Ford Fiesta America Says No!

green-ford-fiestaThe brand new Ford Fiesta seems like a good choice for the earth friendly or ecologically aware car owner. It is an agile yet quite capable small car that can fit up to 5 people and can get over 59 miles per gallon.

This new release automobile has one overpowering negative fact. It is not sold in the United states or Canada. It would seem the Fiesta has what it takes to compete with other fuel efficient cars in the US, too bad Ford will only sell it across the pond.

The only reason the President of Ford gave for not selling this car in America is that it would be too pricey to import. Therefore the decision has been made for the Ford Fiesta to take a siesta in the US marketplace.

The main reason for this selective selling is that Fords Fiesta runs on diesel fuel and the North American population does not care for this type of fuel. America’s opposition to diesel fuel is because it still often reminds us of a loud and stinky truck or tractor trailer pouring out black junk, smog, and smoke into our environment.

Diesel fueled cars are now introduced in the market with pollution fighting technology that is as clean as or even cleaner than gasoline with 30% more fuel efficiency. So why can’t the US have this 65mpg car on our market? Mistakenly it is Ford’s belief that the US car buyers won’t buy a diesel.

09-ford-fiestaThe Fiesta ECO-netic engine is comparable to European diesels but Ford can’t make a business case for bringing the car to the US.

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In addition, the Fiesta is made in Britain and importing the car to the US would cost too much money without a profit and Ford doesn’t believe they can charge enough to make any money.

The main problem is will American’s ever see Diesel as an alternative to regular gas, enought so that car makers will make a profit on Diesel cars? Volkswagen has been selling diesel cars in American for quite some time now.

The Jetta costs about what the Fiesta would cost, gets only 41 MPG on the highway as compared to the Fiesta’s 65 MPG, and finally the Jetta has received numerous accolades for being an ultra green car. Volkswagen is loving the fact that there is not other diesel passenger car to compete with.

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