Which new subcompact car do you like?

09_honda_fitLets just say you had to pick out a new subcompact car. I promise not to hold you to it. Just wondering if you were in the market, which one of these models would make you sign on the dotted line?

Please leave your selection and why you think its a winner in the comments area.  You can also say you would rather walk if you would never own one.

Why should you take the time to care about the small car market? With gas prices on the rise again, many people are jumping from their sport utility vehicles and into small subcompact cars.

As long as the gas price roller coaster rides keep happening, these car buyers will surrender their bigger vehicles for the compact cars. Until one day the tiny car will be in the majority of registered vehicles.

Is there an appeal to the small cars other than the gas savings? Absolutely! The cheap feel associated to subcompacts of decades ago is not the case today, as even today’s subcompacts are similar in size to the cars from that era.

What offerings are out there for subcompacts today? Keep reading to see the four main front runners in the subcompact scene, including the Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris and last but not least the Nissan Versa.

09 Honda Fit

2009-honda-fitThe Honda Fit becomes a favorite in the new subcompact car game with its 1.5 liter engine, great fuel economy and Honda reliability. It comes in two different styles.

The 2005-2008 Model which has a more boxy shape and the 2009+ Fit that is more curvy and cute.

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The Honda Fit draws criticism good and bad, as with it’s styling you have more so a Love or Hate relationship. Interior wise is going to be more of a favorite for many.

Offering a magic seat and loads of space the interior does not have the stigma of cheap and small. As the styling suggests, it does have the Mini Minivan look, but for the price you are getting a great value.

2009 Hyundai Accent

Hyundai has created a much nicer looking subcompact with it’s redesign of the Accent. With the exterior having a more traditional round hat like styling, the Hyundai is a winner for most in 09-hyundai-accentthe styling department.

The interior plays well, but is inferior to that of the Honda Fit. Those interested in the manual version of this car may find the gearbox slightly uncomfortable, but the automatic will likely be the preferred purchase here.

With deals starting at $10,000 for this car, you simply can not go wrong.

2009 Toyota Yaris

09-toyota-yarisThe sharpest of all four sub compact cars is the offering by Toyota. The Yaris is very curvy and a short length giving it that sharp style. The 09 sedan model is pictured on the left.

The Yaris holds its own in power within the category, and does catch the customers eye. The one drawback to this subcompact car is the center stack console.

With the yaris, your speedometer is dead center, like the mini cooper, instead of in front of you after your steering wheel.

This could be a deal breaker to some who are accustomed to the traditional location. The interior does have a slightly cheaper feel, but the price reflects this and overall is a great price for your dollar.

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09 Nissan Versa

nissan-versaThe last of the four main contenders in the subcompact race is the Nissan Versa. A car styled by its Renault roots, you have a heaver subcompact with more power offerings than the other two.

Of all the subcompacts, this car moves out the best with its 1.8 Liter engine. Although this does not help in the gas savings side of the equation.

Also the Versa’s styling is more European, and might lose out on some customers because of this.

The new subcompact car market is exploding right now. But these Popular brand names remain the most popular at the time of this writing.

People know and trust these specific manufactures with the task of making small cars. which one do you think is making the best all around vehicle?

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