best way to buy a used car

What is the Best Way to Buy a Used Car?

As soon as a brand new car leaves the dealership, it loses about 15% of its value.

Used cars, however, provide a different story. In fact, used cars tend to be much more valuable to the money-conscious buyer.

How can we find the used car that fits exactly what we want without overspending?

Keep on reading to find out about the best way to buy a used car and what we need to be aware of during the search.

Used Cars Cost Less Money

First of all, buying a used car is smart for anyone that wants to save some cash. The trick is to not be too frugal about it.

If a car’s price seems too good to be true, it likely is.

A car’s value will start to depreciate quickly after it is purchased new, but when it is bought used, it is much more likely that a person will be able to sell it later for close to the price it was purchased.

Although we still have to consider repairs and maintenance, used cars are still going to cost less in general.

There are plenty of places, such as Cars Protection Plus, that are willing to help used car owners with their vehicles in a way that is professional and friendly.

The Time of Year is Important

It may seem silly, but buying a car at specific times of the year is crucial if you are planning to purchase from a dealership.

This is because sales typically happen during holiday seasons and this is when we can get the best deal.

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How to Determine if That Used Car Is the One

When we are looking for a vehicle, there are often so many options out there that it can be overwhelming. Because of this, there are some things we should always be on the lookout for:

  • How much is the car worth?
  • Are the mileage, year, and maintenance numbers right?
  • What is the history with this specific car?
  • Does this car look like the car I have imagined?

If we can answer these questions honestly and they fit with our needs, it is likely that used car may be the one to choose.

What is the Best Way to Buy a Used Car?

Like we mentioned previously, a used car can be bought in person at a dealership, through an individual seller, or even online at certain websites.

Although all of these methods have advantages and disadvantages, none of them are really better than the others.

Buying from a dealership may mean extra fees, dealing with a pesky salesperson, or interest rates.

The repairs or maintenance on the cars might not be done with the best intentions either.

There is also more of an opportunity for deals and sales, however.

Buying online or through an individual seller can mean easier access and a more streamlined process, but it can also mean more problems with the car overall and a less extensive history.

Each person that wants to buy a used car has to consider what is important and what car will satisfy the needs that are there.


When a person wants to buy a used car, it may be a stressful process.

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After all, many factors need to be considered. How will we know if we are making the right decision?

Although there are a lot of ways to purchase used cars, the best way to buy a used car is by following our intuition and using our knowledge to our advantage.

Feel free to check us out and contact us to learn more about the process of buying a used car!