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8 Truck Toolbox Organization Ideas to Keep Things Handy

A truck toolbox gives you access to all your tools right when you need them.

But only if you can dig the tool you need out of the box. If you don’t have any type of organization, your tools can either get lost or damaged as you drive. This can stall the job you’re working on.

Take a look at these eight toolbox organization ideas that’ll keep your tools in order.

1. Organize by Layers

The key to organizing your truck toolbox is knowing where everything is at all times. One of the best ways to do this is by creating layers.

Start by sorting through your tools. Put the ones you don’t use at the bottom of your toolbox. Tools you use from time to time should be in the middle layers, and the tools you need most often should go on the top.

This allows you to find what you need without digging through the rest of the toolbox. If you do have to unbury one of those tools you don’t use often, you’ll know where it is.

2. Create Different Sections

If you don’t have different sections in your truck toolbox, all your tools, ropes, oils, etc. can mix together while you’re driving. Your layers won’t mean anything if everything gets bounced around when you’re on the road.

Creating sections in your toolbox for various supplies keeps everything organize and neat. If a container of oil pops open, it won’t spill all over your tools. Instead, the section will contain the spill and making the cleanup process faster.

This tip sounds pretty simple, but it will make your life a lot easier.

3. Add Racks

You don’t have to pile everything on top of each other. Adding shelves, compartments, and racks let you get more out of your space.

Racks let you hang certain tools from the side of your toolbox. Shelves make it easier to create layers. Compartments give you a way to sort small tools out from the bigger ones. Organizing your toolbox like this keeps everything accessible and structured.

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You might have to put some of these racks or compartments together yourself. This requires some skills in welding. If you don’t have a toolbox yet, you can find one at this website.

4. Store Tools in Bags

Storing like tools in bags is a great way to keep them in the same place. This is especially handy for those small tools that always seem to get lost.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time building sections or compartments in your toolbox, using bags is a helpful alternative.

But don’t use plastic grocery bags. These bags aren’t heavy-duty. Any of your tools could rip right through it. That defeats the purpose of using a bag in the first place.

Make sure any bag you put in your toolbox is a stronger material, like canvas. These bags will hold together, and they don’t cost a lot of money. You can buy a number of them by only spending a few bucks.

5. Set Up a Magnetized Holder

This is one of the best ways to keep your small tools from getting swallowed up by the rest of your toolbox. It’s also an easy option for people who want to utilize the sides of the toolbox but aren’t able to create their own racks.

All you need are a few magnets.

Line them in a row along the side of your toolbox. Hang small tools, or tools you don’t want to misplace, from the magnets. This will create more space in your toolbox for other items and gives you a quick way to grab the tools you use all the time.

This organizational hack also looks nice. If you don’t like messy spaces, invest in some magnets.

6. Protect Your Tools with Foam

Foam doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it can protect your tools from sustaining any damage during a bumpy drive. It also provides a good way to set up barriers and sections inside your toolbox.

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Using foam gives you a way to protect your tools and keep things organized. If you don’t like the sound of your tools rattling inside the box, the foam can act as a padding and reduce the noise.

7. Clean Your Tools and Tool Box

Dirty tools equal a dirty toolbox. Before you load all your tools back into the box, make sure they’re not covered in dirt, grease, or oil. Give them a chance to dry if you wash them off with water. Not taking the time to clean your tools means all that dirt and oil will end up gathering at the bottom of your toolbox.

If your toolbox is already dirty, take a moment to clean that out as well. Different types of toolboxes require different cleaning methods. But all you need to clean an aluminum toolbox is a can of Coca Colla.

Dump the Coco Colla over the toolbox and let it sit for five minutes. Then srub the Colla over the box, rinse it off with water, and dry it with a cotton towel.

8. Secure Lid with a Padlock

Your truck toolbox goes wherever you go, so you’ll want to make sure it’s secure. Invest in some padlocks to keep the lid shut tight. This’ll prevent people from opening the box and taking what they want.

Don’t forget about the handles. Those should be secure as well. Installing the right type of security in the right places will protect your truck toolbox from theft.

Toolbox Organization Ideas

Leaving all your tools scattered at the bottom of your toolbox is a good way to end up with lost or broken tools. By following these toolbox organization ideas, you can save space, protect your tools, and keep track of everything. No more digging through all your tools to find the one you need.

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