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Cadillac Turn Signal Bulbs

turn signal fog lamp assembly

This article will provide in-depth details about how to replace Cadillac turn signal bulbs that look like the one pictured on the right side. This bulb has two filaments and it also lights up for the daytime running light function as well as the turn signal and hazard flashers.

This also covers the high intensity fog lamp located in the same compartment. The specific pictures and instructions to follow cover any first generation Cadillac SRX from 2004-2009. But I do believe that the CTS from 2003 to 2007 have the same exact set up.

The reason I decided to post a how-to article is because replacing this bulb is a lot harder than you would expect. It took me a couple hours of poking and prodding before I accepted the fact it required pulling stuff apart to reach it. I will dig into details of exactly why below. I provide pictures of what’s necessary to get access to the Fog lamp, daytime running lamp and turn signal sockets. Continue reading

Check for Ford Recalls

Recalled Ford f-150

Recalled Ford f-150

This is a quick article on how to check for ford recalls on any year or model Ford car or truck. In the past, if you really wanted to find out if there was an open recall due on your vehicle you had to stop by a dealership. Then you had to beg a service adviser to plug the V.I.N or vehicle identification number into the Ford oasis system.

VIN numbers are the unique 17 digit number assigned to all mass produced automobiles. Ford OASIS stands for, On-Line Automotive Service Information System. When you enter a specific vehicle ID this system provides a printable report about work performed under warranty and any recalls that where already done. More importantly the report includes any recalls that are still open on that vehicle.

I worked at a Lincoln Mercury dealer as a service adviser for a short time and found this tool extremely helpful. After writing an article recently on my other website about the Ford cruise control brake switch recall, which I believe is the largest recall in the company’s history, I found an alternative for owners to plug in the vehicle identification number themselves online. Now you can see if there’s any open recalls on your car or truck at your convenience.

This works for all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury publicly issued recall notices. So without further delay this is where you can check for ford recalls. That text link will take you Continue reading

Broken Power Seat Switches

broken power seat switch

Broken power seat switch

Some vehicles are susceptible to broken power seat switches. My neighbor has a late 90s Ford pickup that has had the control switch for the power seats replaced several times. Although he would like to blame his wife I think it is actually a poor design.

The power control master switch sticks way out from the base of the seat. It’s positioned in such a way that when you swing your feet in (depending on the length of your legs and the size of your feet) the Master control is kind of in the way.

Add to this the fact that the automotive parts themselves are made from cheap plastic and they will not survive a collision with a person’s foot. Just below I have included some popular power seat switches. Replacing this part on most models is relatively easy and often only requires a screw driver. Keep in mind Luxury German cars have complex systems that make it much harder to diagnose and repair. In some cases you might want to have the step by step instructions from a factory service manual.

In my neighbor’s situation its just a matter of removing the trim panel that snaps into place and then removing the two Phillips head screws that secure the master power seat switch to the bottom part of the seat frame. Continue reading

More Ways to Check Fuel Injectors

fuel injection test kit

Fuel injection Test kit

I have written about fuel injectors on many occasions and even included instructions on how to do what I consider is one of the best tests. This would be how to perform an injector balance test. Having a fuel pressure gauge mounted up and firing the injector while physically seeing the pressure drop is in my opinion the best way to check a fuel injector.

With that being said not everybody has fuel injection test kit with a pressure gauge and an injector driver. Plus on some vehicles mounting these two testing devices can be difficult. There are several other ways to check fuel injectors.

Remember a fuel injector is nothing more than a solenoid actuated fuel valve. Its operation is quite basic in that as long as it is held open and the fuel pressure remains steady it delivers fuel until the solenoid valve is closed. A fuel injector that is not opening and closing properly can cause hard starting poor fuel economy and other engine problems such as hesitation or rough running.

Continue reading