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My water 4 gas comments section continues to grow. I have kept my promise and posted all comments both good and bad. Even the ones that are filled with hate and directly insult me and my belief in the hydrogen generating system. People get really emotional about this subject. You can review some recent comments down on the right side column. One of the most common statements I get is:  if this thing really worked how come General Motors is not using it. Well, I really don’t have an answer to that. I am just a car mechanic from Florida but I can tell you that I have belonged to the water for gas website and community for 13 months.

For me it has developed into an interesting little hobby. And this is one hobby that has had as many failures as successes. When I built my first hydrogen generator similar to the one pictured here. The first time I turned it on it melted. Needless to say the next generator I built used a glass jar instead of plastic. In my opinion my little test system yielded a few more miles per gallon, which spurred me on to continue my science project.

Water for gas convention

As luck would have it good old Ozzie Freedom, and his road show came to a town near me.Ozzies Car

It was an open event that was a lot of fun. Me and my blazer, joined hundreds of other like minded people that built their own HHO generating systems. We shared stories about our trials and tribulations and laughed about our successes and failures. Thousands of believers and nonbelievers attended the HHO games in Manatee County Florida along with a few local government officials and some water4gas scam hungry reporters.

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The highlight of the day was when I had a conversation with Mr. freedom. He has installed second-generation water 4 gas system, in his Volkswagen Jetta. This is a diesel powered 1.9 L turbo engine. Good old Ozzy stated that he received 70 miles per gallon on his trip from California to Florida. Keep in mind that a diesel powered Jetta already gets about 50 miles per gallon.

Water4gas improvements

pulse width generator

The water 4 gas system installed on this vehicle has a few advances that make his results extremely believable to me. The biggest advancement in my opinion is the use of a pulse width modulated voltage signal to the hydrogen generator. This is the reason that my first test system melted. This pulse width modulated signal also solves the problem of the alternator full fielding and causing a fuel economy-draining load on the engine.

The second big advancement that you can see in the picture provided is that Ozzy’s fuel cell that generates the hydrogen is a large rectangular advanced unit. Another lesson that I learned from my test system is the larger the generator the more the output of hydrogen gas. As I went back to the water for gas website I immediately saw a new marketplace for members. This is an area where they sell ready to go water for gas kits including the pulse width modulated controller.

Now the question is for me do I belly up and pay for a system that has a better chance of yielding large results. Or do I continue down the road of my do-it-yourself science project.

I invite you to leave your comments right here so we can start a fresh discussion. Hate filled, good and bad will all be posted. And also take a minute to review the previous Water4gas posts and comments.

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