Bailout the Big Three with People Power

I have some final thoughts about the big three bailout. President George Bush stepped in and awarded a $17.4 billion dollar bridge loan to Chrysler and General Motors. Ford stated that they would like a $9 billion dollar line of credit, but this was declined, because Ford should have enough money to get through the first quarter of 2009. Kudos to Ford Motor Company for being in better financial conditions than the other two.

Save the Big Three
Save the Big Three

So this bridge loan should hold both failing American car manufacturers over until February 2009. This will also allow the new administration to analyze the situation before further actions are taken. But my two phase plan could solve the problem before the end of 2009 and no further Government action would be required. Please hear me out and leave your comments below!

The power of people

A missing piece of the puzzle that I do believe would be helpful is the appointment of a car Czar. I’m not looking for a government official with no automotive experience to take over this position. In fact, there is one candidate that is uniquely qualified for this position. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Lee Iaccoca. This temporary position would be perfect for this retired, but respected automotive executive. I am sure with the right monetary motivation He could be convinced to take the short-term position.

Hybrid Kcar

And yes, you could dream about a hybrid powered Kcar rolling out in the United States automotive market by early 2010. And for those younger car buyers, I’m sure we can get a Carroll Shelby Limited Edition turbo hybrid Kcar for them as well. Lee Iaccoca and Carroll Shelby have a long and successful history together. This reunion could jump start the American car economy all by itself. Never under estimate the power of people.

Celebrities for American cars

My second people powered idea for stopping the big three from requesting more money from taxpayers is to assure their success by exploding sales in 2009. I don’t know why this has been overlooked completely. It is the power of the people that will save the American economy and the automotive industry, along with it. If Jennifer Anniston drives a Chevrolet and tells you to get one as well, people will listen.

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If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt purchased a Chrysler minivan to haul their family around American citizens would follow suit. It is time for our celebrities to give back to the people that have given them everything. We worship our celebrities and model our lives after them, Even if it is at a subconscious level. If Brittany Spears sold all of her Mercedes-Benz cars and bought a Cadillac this would have a tremendous effect on the opinions of the car buying public.

I thank my blog reader for hanging in there for the last two posts. I feel much better now that I have expressed my opinion on this subject that is not only close to my heart but attached to my business as a professional auto mechanic working on American made cars and trucks. Please add your opinions below. Even if you disagree!

My next automotive news post

I have received a lot of e-mails asking me to get back on track with both my electric car conversion project as well as my water 4 gas experiment. In my part of the country gas prices are starting to head back up and so is my motivation for returning to both of these projects. Give this page a bookmark and come back after the holidays. I will have some major updates on my water 4 gas experiments. And you will learn why I think this subject about hydrogen on demand returns big in 2009.