The Right Windshield Sunshade for Your Infiniti or Nissan

Windshield Sunshade Vs Heatshield

Sunshade Vs Heatshield

When you’re looking for an aftermarket windshield sunshade there are plenty of places that carry the standard fold up devices.

In fact, they offer some flexibility with sizes in small, medium, large and extra-large for trucks and SUVs. However, if you own an Infiniti or a Nissan none of these sizes will seem to be quite right for your windshield.

Maybe it’s not the end of the world if the shade is a little too small, but if it’s too big it will not do a good job of blocking the sun or staying in place. Recently I replaced my troublesome first generation Cadillac SRX with a new used car from Infiniti.

The old car had a light gray interior. The Infiniti has a black interior, dashboard and carpeting. I knew this would be a problem, but I underestimated just how much of one it would become. Continue reading

5 Things I Like About the Infiniti Sport Sedan

M37x Infiniti sport sedan

M37x Infiniti Sport Sedan

Last month I posted an article about the seven things I don’t like about my Infiniti sports sedan. It seems like it’s time to set the record straight and come up with some stuff that I actually like about this new used car.

Although it’s easier to build a list of items you hate, I still found five things that made getting rid of my first generation Cadillac SRX a lot easier.

With that said, I guess it’s just human nature to miss the luxury accessories of an older car. Out of the five features I like about the Infiniti luxury sedan only two of them are options I never had before. Without further delay, here are five things I like about the Infiniti sport sedan.

The Appearance of the Infiniti M37X

This Japanese luxury sedan manages to look like a more expensive car than it is. Somehow it pulls this off without a lot of flashy chrome or dramatic body lines. As my girlfriend and I adjust Continue reading

7 Things I Hate about the Infiniti M37

Infiniti M37 Rear Wheel Drive

Infiniti M37 Rear Wheel Drive

Now that I’ve driven the Infiniti M37 for a while, it’s time to provide a list of its shortcomings. Before I opened this can of worms let me make something clear. Although these seven things really bother me, I still like the car. I don’t have buyer’s remorse, because my Cadillac developed an unsolvable problem.

Even though the Infiniti M37 isn’t perfect, I would be in a much worse situation if I still had the SRX. I will say I expected more from the five-year newer Infiniti product in the technology department. There are a bunch of things that this car is missing that Cadillac has had in place for a decade. Let it be known Continue reading

Picking the Right Brake Pads for your Infiniti

A Infiniti M37 A RWD car

A Infiniti M37 A RWD car

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to replacing front or rear brake pads on your Infiniti. Here we’ll talk about making the best choice for your situation.

Also included will be a few tips I learned from a rear brake job on my Infiniti M37. Finally, we’ll discuss common problems with Nissan and Infiniti braking systems. This includes squeaking and squealing noises, brake pedal pulsation, uneven brake pad wear and a pulling condition when the brakes are applied.

Selecting Quality Brake Pads

I’ve tried all different kinds of brake pads and have done at least 1,000 brake jobs over the last 30 years as a professional mechanic. I haven’t really seen much of a difference Continue reading