Maintaining an Auto Repair Shop

How to Maintain a Clean Auto Repair Shop: Our Recommendations

With the average age of the American car approaching 16 years, auto repairs shops are quickly becoming more in demand. If you plan to open your own repair shop to take advantage of the clunker golden era, then you need to have a plan. 

A clean auto repair shop will function better and be safer for your mechanics. These automotive shop organization ideas will help you set up and maintain a clean shop.

Have a Logical Floorplan Layout 

Create different zones in the shop for specific services. This will help everyone stay organized and ensure that the tools needed for specific services are in the right area. This will help keep the shop tools organized and prevent technicians from walking all over the shop while working on a car. 

Create a Cleaning Schedule 

Create a daily cleaning schedule. This will address the mess that gets created during the work shift. By cleaning every day, you have a smaller mess to clean and easier time of keeping the shop clean. 

Train your employees to know when and how to clean the shop. 

Plan for Waste Removal 

While daily cleaning addresses the clutter and mess, it doesn’t handle the removal of chemicals and hazardous materials. You should work with a company such as JMS Ground Services for the removal of the trash. Then you should work with a waste removal company to have harmful chemicals, such as used body shop oil, safely removed and disposed of. 

Install a Mat System 

Having a mat system will help you catch lubricants and other fluids that get dropped on the floor. You should have a scraper and carpet mat at all of the entrances to prevent spreading these liquids throughout your shop. 

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Employ a mat laundering service to have the mats maintained. This will ensure they stay clean and in good condition. 

Arrange for Deep Cleanings 

While daily cleaning is helpful for maintenance, it isn’t enough for the long term. You need to have regular deep cleanings to really clear away the buildup of automotive fluids. These deep cleanings will clean the often missed spots during the daily cleaning and remove the buildup of oil, antifreeze, lubricants, power steering, and brake fluids. 

Provide Cleaning Supplies 

You can’t expect your team to keep your shop clean if you don’t give them the tools they need. Have cleaning supplies readily available in your shop for immediate spill containment, daily cleaning, waste removal, and hazardous material handling. 

Having plenty of clean towels around is vital for limiting the spread of grime. It prevents the buildup of soiled shop towels from hanging around. Clean towels also clean your technicians’ hands better. 

Hire a laundering service to clean and supply fresh towels. You can set up delivery based on your shop’s needs. 

Have a Clean Auto Repair Shop

When you have a clean auto repair shop, customers will feel more confident in your shop’s abilities and professionalism. 

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