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How Can I Upgrade the Suspension on My Truck?

You may be sitting there and thinking, ‘what is so important about the suspension of my truck?’

The simple answer is A LOT! There are so many advantages to suspending your truck. So, this is something you need to be aware of.

In light of that, let’s take a look in a little more detail…

Why Does Your Truck Need Suspension?

Easy peasy. One of the most obvious reasons is that trucks are built to contain heavy loads at the rear end. If your vehicle is packed full of stuff to the brim, with no suspension, you’re sure to topple over!

Apart from this, most people are unaware that no or poor suspension is equal to your car skidding and sliding all over the place. Take the RidePro 4×4 suspensions as an example, these, like other suspensions, are specifically designed to ensure that your car performs the best on the worst roads.

Moreover, the suspension makes the traction more accessible and allows the forward movement of the truck to be more effective.

How Can I Improve My Truck’s Suspension?

That all depends on a few factors. For example, one of the best ways to enhance your truck’s suspension performance is by adding sports springs and dampers.

Not only does this improve your overall drive, but it also stops you from riding low and scraping the ground. The truck will drive smoother and safer!

Another way you can improve your truck’s suspension is through what is known as coil-overs. These are amazing little tools that make it easy to play around with the height and positioning of the dampers and sports springs.

This doesn’t just sound like a good idea; it’s advisable that before you go stuffing your trunk full whatever equipment you need to heave around, that to avoid accidents, or even the loss of such materials, get yourself a coil-over.

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New Shocks

Brand new shocks are also a good shout. When your truck is growling and making grinding noises every time you go over a speed bump, it probably means that your shocks are struggling quite a bit.

This can easily be improved by you going out and getting yourself a set of new ones.

Try your best to shy away from being a “Cheap Charlie.” You think you’re doing your pocket a nice favor by avoiding paying the prices of high OEM’s. This is a big mistake.

You’ll provoke your truck to become stiff and to reject your braking system. This is not a good idea.

Furthermore, cheap stuff can also make your tires rise from the ground, which can, of course, be extremely dangerous.

Buying high-quality and expensive shocks is a brilliant idea, but you must make sure that they are heavy-duty shocks. This is so important because sometimes the weight you intend to carry may be unforeseen.

In other words, the reason you use a truck is usually for heavy-duty. To avoid problems such as too much bounce, get the right size shocks for your vehicle.

And What Else?

It’s not just about going out and buying the fanciest set of springs and shocks; there’s much more to consider if you want to improve your truck’s suspension.

For instance, something as simple as reinforcing your springs could go a long way.

It is quite common to have unsupported, cheap coil springs attached to the front wheels, and it would, therefore, be a good idea to put on a polyurethane brace.

This does the trick when it comes to keeping you safe, as it limits any potentially unwanted spring action!

This gives the truck a little bit more chassis height. Although it’s not a dramatic 1m spout, even the slightest extra bit of elevation when transporting weighty goods, could make a world of difference when it comes to safety. It’s just not worth the risk!

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What’s the Point in Having Torsion Bars?

Once again, bring attention to the importance of the height of the car; torsion bars are another way to allow you to give the car that little bit more height. The great thing about torsion bars is their adjustability.

This allows you to make sure that it is high enough, or even well-aligned with the springs according to the amount you are carrying.

Torsion bars are useful for always keeping the car level, avoiding it from tipping or tilting to one side. Nobody likes a lob-sided truck!

Is Upgrading my Truck’s Suspension the Only Way Forward?

The simple answer is yes. Wanting to be safe is, of course, isn’t optional. However, it is not the only precaution to consider.

The suspension has a direct effect on the wheels of a truck. Therefore, can anything be done to the wheels?

Bigger wheels can make a world of difference. If you don’t want to thoroughly rinse out your wallet just for a little extra cargo, why not get bigger wheels. This is just another thing that keeps the suspension in good condition.

However, it’s important not to have skinny-looking tires on great big wheels. Give them the extra padding that is necessary. The whole point of having bigger wheels is to support a more significant load, so make sure the tires match this.

In Other Words

Returning to the original question, “how I can upgrade the suspension on my truck?”

The add-ons described above are instrumental methods, but, they’re not the only ones. It can be quite tricky, and because lives might be at stake…it’s not worth the risk. 

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