Mustang Burnout Video

Last weeks post showed some of the coolest cars in burn out action photos. This got the blood pumping for many visitors. This week I thought I would post my favorite mustang burnout video for all to enjoy.

If you notice there is an auto repair shop in the background. I hope this was not a car left for auto service or a vehicle being reconditioned for the used car lot. Sometimes mechanics like to have a little fun. Just so long as it is their own car they are having fun with!

Video Mustang burnout

Yes this mustang shreds the tires until something pops under the automobile.The video title says it’s a blown tire but after the smoke clears the left rear tire seems to be inflated and the car is sitting level. To me it sounds like a rear universal joint letting loose. Take a look at the mustang burnout video and just be thankful it is not your car. Also let me know what you think went boom in the comment area?

The burnout video has become one of the most popular automotive action videos on the internet. Sites like street fire make it fast and fun to both post and watch burnout clips from all over the world.

Definition of an automotive burnout

The vehicle burnout is often thought of and applied to drag racing. This was at first called heating up the tires and actually has a practical purpose in the drag racing game.

tire burnout
tire burnout

It is a fact of life that tires have better traction at higher temperatures.  A smoky burnout is the most popular way to increase tire temperature before a race. Many race tracks will use a burnout box right before the launch area to warm the tires.

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Often this water solution will include bleach or other additives that will allow the tires to spin faster during the pre race burnout.

At my local drag strip (Desoto raceway) they even have burn out contests that are judged by the fans in attendance.

Many factors besides the amount of smoke created determines the winner of the event. In many cases the coolest cars win the event regardless of the tire spinning show.