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Luxury Driving: 5 of the Best Audi Models Ever Made

Last year, Audi sold over 1.8 million cars. It’s no secret: this popular German luxury car manufacturer is just as strong now as it’s ever been. Ever since the 1930s, Audi has been a staple of the luxury vehicle market.

Love Audis? We do, too! Here are 5 of the best Audi models ever produced.

1. Audi A3 Convertible

One of the best Audi models is the A3 convertible, and it’s easy to see why. It has a turbocharged engine that looks appealing and feels responsive. The luxury interior makes it feel like a high class, expensive luxury vehicle without the cost.

It’s extremely dynamic and is both reliable and classy. It’s easy to see why this four-seater is one of the brand’s best sellers.

2. A6 Allroad Audi

The Audi A6 provided some significant upgrades and changes when it was introduced, both cosmetically and technologically. For a sedan of its size, it offers unparalleled handling that’s both smooth and easy.

The best of the A6 line was the Allroad Audi. Although it ceased production in 2005, it was crafted with versatility in mind. It was able to handle everything from unpaved roads to rural areas complete with a beautiful finish.

3. Audi A3 Quattro

Although Audi now uses the term “Quattro” to describe it’s all-wheel drive, it used to be a model name. When the original Quattro debuted in the 80s, it broke all the established design and capabilities norms in its class. This compact SUV provided light steering, showing an SUV could provide power and performance while still being easy to handle.

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The original Quattro wasn’t fast, but it had a style unique to the decade that makes it popular among collectors. And with the addition of Audi parts for performance, you can buy an old Quattro and add in some high-quality modern-day power.

4. Audi R8

The Audi R8 has been a highly desired sports car ever since it first went on the market in 2006. But it’s not just a great sports car. It functions as a great all-around car as well.

It handles well, has a powerful mid-engine, and has a great aluminum structure. It manages to be both comfortable and stylish. The originals were impressive and helped change the perception of Audi forever.

5. Audi TT

Last but certainly not least, we have the Audi TT. It made a huge splash in the sports coupe market when it arrived in 1998. The stylish design set it apart from the Audis that came before it.

While it suffered from its performance on the road, it still managed to be one of the best looking cars on the market at that time. Even today, you can see the influence of the Audi TT on current compact coupes.

Best Audi Models: Now You Know!

Now you know the best Audi models of all time!

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