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5 of the Most Common Car Problems That Often Go Unnoticed

Have you ever had your tire explode on the highway? Has your battery ever died unexpectedly?

If your answer is, “No,” you better not chalk it up to good luck. You see, luck only carries you so far. Then it runs out and your car explodes on the highway. 

Alternatively, you could, instead, rely on actual preventative maintenance that will keep such problems from happening.

That’s why we wrote this guide. Below are the 5 most common car problems that go unnoticed.

They may be happening to your car right now. Read the list to find out.

1. Low Tire Pressure

Cars made today have indicators that sense when tire pressure is too low. As helpful as this is, it never hurts to check it yourself. (It’s also really easy.)

On the other hand, it will hurt if low tire pressure goes undetected. First of all, it makes it harder to move the car, just like it’s hard to pedal a bike with flat tires. Therefore, it puts more strain on the engine and significantly lowers your miles-per-gallon. 

It also wears your tires out faster, costing you more money in tire replacement. 

In other words, that’s doing it the hard way. The easy way involves buying a simple tire pressure gauge at the dollar store and checking it yourself once in a while.

How to Fix It

To check tire pressure, start by finding the optimum pressure for your vehicle. This information is in your user’s manual and on a little label hidden under the driver’s side door. (Open the door to read the label.)

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Next, unscrew the cap on each tire and insert the gauge firmly. If it’s low, it can be filled with an air pump at almost any gas station.

You should pay closer attention when the temperature changes drastically. Tire pressure gets lower when it gets colder outside.

2. Dim Headlights

Believe it or not, the outermost layer of your headlights is just a clear sheet of plastic. This flimsy material is no match for scratchy dirt, rocks, bug exoskeletons, and other road debris assaulting it constantly. After years of this, it gets scratched up, dimming the light that’s trying to shine through. 

This is a hazard because (obviously) it’s kinda important to be able to see when you’re driving. But this dimming happens so gradually that most drivers don’t notice that they’re squinting to see at night.

How to Fix It

First, inspect them for yourself (while they’re turned off). If you can clearly see the bulb beneath the clear plastic, you’re good to go. If you see only a scratched, blurry mess, simply buy a headlight restoration kit and follow the instructions.

3. Wheel Misalignment

If your car pulls to the right or left and/or starts vibrating at high speeds, there’s a reason for that. Your wheels are misaligned.

This means the car’s weight is not being distributed evenly. This will eat up your tires and cause a slew of other complications you really don’t want to pay for.

How to Fix It

Take your car to the auto repair shop for wheel alignment.

4. Low Battery

Your battery died again? Why does this keep happening to you?

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Well, it’s because the packaging/mechanic told you it only lasts two years when you bought it. And that was two years ago.

How to Fix It

Pay attention to the battery’s lifespan when you buy it. Then, plan ahead of time to get a new battery one or two months before this one is supposed to die.

5. Bumper Damage

If bumpers weren’t important, they wouldn’t be on your car. And, right now, yours may be as good as gone. 

Most bumpers are basically a powerful, foam pillow made to absorb impact. But, after a collision, the foam is broken and the cushion no longer works. The damaged bumper will offer little to no protection in any future accidents.

Unfortunately, most drivers don’t think to check it after a mild fender-bender, so it goes unnoticed.

How to Fix It

Have a mechanic check your bumper after any collision, even a minor fender-bender.

Avoid These 5 Most Common Car Problems

Just because these are the most common car problems doesn’t mean they have to happen to your car! Now you know how to watch and listen for them before they cause further complications. Avoid these car problems by following the tips on this list.

Need more automotive tips? There are plenty where these came from! Check out our blog for more preventative measures to keep your car, and yourself, safe.