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New Technology in Automobiles: A List of Emerging and Exciting Car Tech

Bought a new car? 

That’s great but you can’t stop there. New technology in automobile industries constantly pop up and they all offer new levels of convenience and safety. It’s not about simply owning a car nowadays – you have to optimize it too.

The shift from a mechanics viewpoint to a technological one is due to the increasing sophistication of today’s vehicles.

With this knowledge, you’ll know the right things to look for when you buy your new car. Some might not be useful, but all the listed features will often come with most vehicles you buy. 

Here are some of the features you should look out for:

1. Connected Mobile Apps

The invention of the smartphone changed everything, especially with how you interact with cars. A lot of carmakers often have a connected smartphone app with their automobiles. But the sad fact is that not all of them are great.

Do your best to look for an app that lets you lock and unlock your doors remotely at least. But if the app can check your fuel and tire pressure, that makes the car even worth investing in. Regardless, make sure to know whether the app has a subscription service.

2. Teen Driver Technology

Teenagers driving cars can become a stressful experience for parents. But with new technology, it can help ease your worries. Some cars have built-in teen driver limitations that warn you when they drive it over a certain speed.

Other relevant teen driver technologies disable the stereo when your teens don’t use their seatbelts. It can even keep the stereo volume from getting turned up past 7. Some technologies will let parents know when collisions happen in real-time.

You may need a compatible app for your phone or laptop to receive the notifications. Fortunately, your car dealer should already provide you all the links and aids to get these running on your end. Now you can monitor younger drivers and ensure they’re safe even when you’re not driving with them.

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3. Stolen Vehicle Tracking Software

Most experts predict that more than 750,000 vehicles will get stolen within this year. It’s an alarming number, but they also estimate that 46% of car owners will recover their vehicles. The main reason is due to the innovative technology that lets law enforcement know when it’s stolen.

It’s integrated into your vehicle’s security systems. Its main purpose is to allow law enforcement to know where your vehicle’s exact location is. It also helps in diagnostics and calling out for rescue services after crashes.

4. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Most infotainment systems built by manufacturers don’t have an intuitive design. That means their do-it-all screens aren’t easy to use. The good news is that Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto will replace these.

It’s easy to use since all you need is to plug in your smartphone. It will take over that screen and make car operations easier to do. That means you can play music, look at maps, and do other activities while using voice-control features.

With that, you’ll avoid the complicated interface system most cars have. It’s becoming more common since manufacturers can support at least one of these smartphone systems. Take note, not all trim levels can support them.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control

One new technology in automobile options these days that you can’t ignore is Adaptive Cruise Control. Commuting isn’t fun, but with this feature, you’ll avoid most of the stress involved with it. With the use of built-in car sensor arrays, your car can match the speed of the vehicle in front of it. 

This removes the tedium of hitting the gas and braking while in the highways.

Some systems will enable your car to stop and go automatically. It makes the experience less frustrating for you, even if it’s nerve-wracking the first time around. 

6. Exit Warning for Cyclist Protection

Often, people riding bicycles worry about unexpected opening car doors. It’s especially the case when they’re in congested urban areas, where they can get serious injuries. Carmakers respond to this common problem by installing rear sensors that can detect approaching traffic.

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This system works within a few minutes after turning off the engine. When the sensors pick up a possible cyclist or a vehicle, it will give you an alert. In most systems, it uses a series of bright lights to make it easier for you to know.

But some advanced systems will lock your car doors if you ignore these warnings. With this, it’s impossible to swing open until the approaching object passes.

7. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

One of the most common areas where low-speed car crashes happen is in parking lots. Even if you’re using a rearview backup camera, backing out of a parking spot can be dangerous. That’s why you need to get rear cross-traffic alert technologies.

These cars have built-in sensors at the rear. It alerts you to approaching objects, similar to the exit warning stated above. That ensures that you’ll know that something is behind you, regardless of what it is.

A common feature of this system is loud beeps that warn you and the other party. But if you’re willing to invest more, you can get a car with a more advanced system. The most developed ones have automatic brakes.

Pair this with composite technologies to make a car stronger and more prepared for potential accidents when reversing.

Enjoy New Technology in Automobile Purchases Today!

When buying cars, you need to consider the new technology in automobiles. Don’t hesitate and find the features that matter to you the most. If you aren’t sure which ones to prioritize first, you can refer to this list and pick the best ones for your preferences.

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