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It’s All in the Details: 8 Important Reasons to Consider Car Detailing

Your car doesn’t necessarily define who you are, but it does a good job of expressing your style to the world. That’s why you want it looking its best at all times.

But over time any vehicle that gets driven will start to look like a condensed version of your messiest areas at home.

So, what can you do to keep your wheels looking great? Car detailing, of course. 

It may seem like a luxurious expenditure at first. But that’s why we’re here to tell you some of the most important reasons to detail your car regularly.

If you’re sick of the french fries under your seats and you’re embarrassed to drive through nicer parts of town, it’s probably time for you to consider this option. Keep reading to get the gist.

8 Reasons Why Car Detailing Is so Important

A fresh car detail does more than clean your car. It also gives you peace of mind and makes you feel like you’re driving around in a brand new car all the time.

But that’s not the only reason you should get your car detailed. 

Check out these basic elements of what car detailing can do for you and the life of your vehicle.

Cleanliness Is Pleasant

Have you ever noticed that the state of your environment can affect the way you feel? If your house is cluttered, for example, then you may feel like your mind is cluttered, too. 

The same thing goes for your vehicle. A messy vehicle equates to a messy mind, which is not only bad for your mental health but could be a danger to other drivers on the road. 

Take the first step to declutter your life by keeping your vehicle as immaculate as much as possible. Consider it your oasis.

Supporting Small Businesses

When you stop in at your neighborhood car wash and ask “can I get my car detailed?”, you’re supporting a small business. Likewise, when you call the mobile detailer, this is a small business, if not a sole proprietor, too.

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Especially if you have a difficult time finding ways to give back to your community, having a car detail is a great way to fill this void. And, in the meantime, you’ll have a nice shiny car to drive around town.

Improve Nighttime Visibility

Cleaning your windshield, especially from the inside, is a difficult task. Not only are the corners hard to reach but it’s always a battle to get rid of the streaks.

Car detailers have specialized solutions to get the grime off of your window without leaving streaks. Not to mention that they can clean your interior dashboard lights so they are easier to read in the night. 

Remember, a dangerous car can leave you legally liable, so it’s important to maintain your vehicle from oil changes to cleaning. 

Extend Service Life

The undercarriage of your vehicle is subject to multiple levels of road grime, including grease, dirt, and in some cases salt if you live in a snowy region or near the ocean. Cleaning this part of your vehicle regularly helps to reduce the damage induced by this grime. 

Ask your detailing expert to include the engine bay in your car detailing. He or she will spray it out with water and the appropriate degreaser before applying the proper dressings to all plastic and/or silicone hoses to prevent cracking.

Extend Paint Life

Regularly washing and waxing your vehicle will extend the life of the paint job significantly. Not to mention that it protects the metal underneath the paint, which helps prevent rust.

Your detailer will wash and wax your vehicle until it looks new again so you can sport your shiny paint job everywhere you go without embarrassment.

Extend Wheel & Tire Life

Cleaning and polishing your tires and rims will extend the life of your tires as well. Cleaning the rims staves off the rust and prevents uneven wear on the tires. Keeping the tires shiny is more than just about the shine but also prevents them from cracking.

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Ask your detailing expert to check out your tires as part of your detailing package. It may cost a little extra, but it’s well worth the long-term savings from buying new tires.

Improve Interior Condition

Just ask these experts about preserving the interior beauty of your vehicle. They’ll tell you to keep it parked in the shade, use window screens, and detail your vehicle regularly.

The inside of your vehicle takes a serious beating from the fluctuating temperature outside and the sun beating down on your leather. Over time, this can cause your interior dash, doors, and seats to fade and crack. Eliminate this risk with a proper detailing job.

Trade-In/Resale Value

There’s no secret about it: detailed cars are worth more. A buyer or dealer assumes that a clean vehicle has been well maintained and therefore will be willing to pay more for it. You could increase your trade-in or sale value by up to a few hundred dollars.

Final Thoughts

Having a detailed car is about more than the presentation. Car detailing is meant to make it shine through and through so it not only looks better but it runs better, too. You’ll be thrilled at all the glances you get as you drive by people on the street knowing that your vehicle is in good shape.

Once you find a car wash that does exemplary work, consider having your car detailed at least once per year, if not every six months for the best results. 

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