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Time for a Tune Up: 5 Auto Repair Marketing Tips for Your Business

Are your auto repair marketing strategies up to snuff?

If you’re flush with new customers and maintaining all your existing ones, then you’re in good shape!

But if you’re noticing that you haven’t gotten a new customer in a while, that’s a problem.

And if the existing ones aren’t returning, then there’s definitely a problem.

You Need to Up Your Auto Repair Marketing Efforts

Don’t worry. You don’t need to employ the services of a professional marketing agency.

These five marketing strategies are a great place to start without emptying your wallet.

1. Utilize Social Media

Social media is no longer just a younger person’s game. It’s actually a powerful tool to build brand awareness and monitor your feedback.

Try using it to advertise promotions your shop is running. For example, you could use it next month to focus on one specific service you’re offering. Post videos, recommendations, and links to relevant articles regarding that service for the entire month.

Then keep track of the impact it has on your shop’s sales for that month. You might be surprised.

2. Be Locally Involved

Hosting events will bring customers right through your doors. Consider having an open house, or a short and simple seminar on car maintenance to bring in new customers and establish trust with your existing ones.

Also, never underestimate the power of supporting local initiatives. By sponsoring local community events or working with charities, you’ll remind customers that you’re a dedicated part of the community.  

3. Learn More About Your Customers

When a return customer walks through the door, do you know their name? Do you have knowledge about their job/kids/the new house they’re building?

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If you know they’re strapped for cash, are you willing to offer them a personalized payment plan? Can you be honest about whether it’s time to turn in an old car – even if it means lost money for you?

In an automated world with phones manned by robots and where everyone is a number, this extra personal attention goes a long way toward building trust. 

And where there’s trust, there will be referrals. People are always on the lookout for auto repair place they can trust. Satisfied customers will be more than happy to put your name out there. And it’ll cost you nothing.

4. Get Online Reviews

Ask your customers for feedback on Yelp, Google, and/or Facebook.

Of course, you WANT positive reviews. But even a neutral review is better than no reviews. And if you get a negative review, respond to it immediately and do what you can to make the customer happy. Potential customers appreciate this.

Online reviews also serve indirectly as word-of-mouth referrals. Because if someone is looking around for an auto repair shop and they see that two of their friends have been to yours, they’re going to be more inclined to come to you as well.

5. Remember to Blog

Sharing informative and helpful content on your blog demonstrates your expertise and also builds trust.

It doesn’t need to be award-winning content. But if search engines see no content, you’re not going to place high in searches.

No need to post daily. Just find a regular schedule that works for you. For example, Peak Auto keeps up a pretty good clip with their blog.

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And remember, your blog is not a sales pitch. Save that for social media. 

Build Trust

You may do a great job at building engines, but building trust is one of the best auto repair marketing tactics you can use.

So get to know your customers.

And keep checking back with us for more great articles on all things auto.