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Revving Up for the Road: 8 Top Tips For RV Maintenance

RVing, as a culture and industry, is alive and well. 

In fact, in recent years, more than 40 million people went on RV camping trips. Plenty of people are enjoying the open road and the benefits that come with owning an RV. 

However, while the culture might be healthy, you can only get the most from it when you focus on your own RV maintenance. 

There are several steps you’ll need to follow to make sure your RV keeps chugging along and serving you well on your trips. Read on to get to get the most of your RV by following these strategies. 

1. Store Your RV Somewhere Safe and Protective

Half the battle with taking care of your RV is to have somewhere safe to store it. 

For one, you will need to keep it tucked away so that it doesn’t endure vandalism or theft. Keeping it somewhere secure nips this issue in the bud, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

You should also have somewhere safe to store your RV so that it makes it through the winter. Winter chill can wreak havoc on your RV, from the internal fluid systems to the plumbing if you’re not careful. 

Make sure that your storage location is top notch, and that you use it regularly. 

2. Take Care of the Roof and Inspect the Insulation

Taking care of the roof will help your RV stay comfortable, and also will prevent problematic leaks. 

In addition to inspecting the roof on your own, you should periodically take the RV to the shop to let a professional take a look. During one of these visits, the mechanic should check the insulation and make sure that the seams and edges are intact. 

Doing so prevents air and moisture leakage, and keeps your RV running properly. 

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3. Change the Oil on a Regular Basis

Keeping up with oil changes is a must if you want your RV to perform well. 

This is particularly important with RV maintenance since people tend to take these vehicles on long treks across several miles. If you get your oil changed on a routine basis, your engine will work properly and you can get great performance. 

Be sure that you are using the right kind of oil for your RV, and that you also have the mechanic change your filters. 

4. Get Down and Dirty and Clean Your RV Inside and Out

A little bit of TLC goes a long way with your RV. 

This means that you should not only get it washed and detailed but get a vacuum and cleaning supplies to make sure that the interior is clean as a whistle. When your RV is clean, you’ll feel comfortable riding in it for hours at a time. 

Control over the cleanliness is one of the perks of RV ownership, so definitely put in the labor of love. 

5. Keep Up With the Tire Maintenance

You’ll need to take care of your tires no matter what kind of RV you have, or how old it is. 

Be sure that the tires are inflated, and that you get them rotated and changed when necessary. Your vehicle will perform better and you will thank yourself later.  

Make sure that you are also using the right model and type of tire for your RV. This guarantees that it’s a smooth ride and that you aren’t doing unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

6. Test the Battery and Manage the Electrical Systems

The RV won’t get far at all with a bad battery. 

Because of this, be sure that you are routinely checking the battery. This is particularly important in the winter time because cold temperature can sap your battery of its power. 

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You should insulate the battery so that it survives these temperature dips, and so that the battery doesn’t swell during the summer. 

Test your electrical appliances as well, and make sure that you have a professional provide inspections into your electrical infrastructure. 

7. Maintain the Plumbing System

Your RV bathroom should be immaculate, well-kept and always working. 

This only happens when you pay careful attention to plumbing maintenance. Do what it takes to manage your plumbing system and you’ll be glad that you took the time and effort. 

Don’t hesitate to bring in a plumber that can also help you get the most from the plumbing system, and make upgrades into it when you need to. 

8. Get an Overall Inspection For Your RV

Finally, reach out to an RV maintenance contractor routinely for inspections. Leaving this work to some pros that know RVs inside and out will serve you well. 

They can handle everything from transmission work to a complete electrical overhaul, depending on what you’re looking for. A simple inspection will also let you know whether the RV is ready for the long trip you are planning. 

In addition to professional maintenance, always read more about RV valuations and know how much it’s worth, in case you want to make a sale or trade-in. This way, you’ll be better able to protect your RV as an asset. 

Make RV Maintenance a Priority

When RV maintenance is a priority, you’re always able to hit the road without worry. 

These 8 tips are great for any RV owner to know, and will help you throughout the years. Make sure that you also find an RV repair shop that you trust. 

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