ASE Test Results

ASE test results
ASE test results

Today I received my ASE test results. In a previous post I talked about taking ASE tests and we had a good discussion about the topic.

I thought that it would only be fair if I provided an update on how the actual tests turned out. I took a total of four recertification exams. I did pass all four that I took.

For me this means 4 down and 12 to go. As mentioned in the previous post my problem is not with ASE or taking the tests. My problem is the required recertification every five years.

This puts me firmly on a rotation that seems to never end. Some good comments were left on the taking ASE tests post.

Some of the more interesting ones pointed out that it is almost unheard of to have to recertify in any field every five years. In fact some medical certifications never require taking additional tests. Also noted are some technical certifications that require certification but on a seven or even 10 year requirement. So to me five years does seem excessive. The costs for the exams use to be reimbursed by my employer with a passing grade.

This is no longer the case. So now the frequency of the recertifications has become an issue to my wallet. This coupled with the recent reduction in pay can make it financially difficult to be a professional auto mechanic. And if you noticed I did not even mention the $40,000 I spent on tools over the last 25 years.

Open letter from ASE

With my ASE test results was a letter from the kind people at ASE. Since the included note stated that it was an open letter I thought I would share it with you.

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From the ASE staff: If you passed one or more tests you should be proud. If you didn’t, you should be proud that you tried. Many of us here at ASE are also motor vehicle technicians, service consultants or parts specialists.

We worked in dealerships, independent repair shops, and we taught in tech schools. We have a great deal of respect for you, the professional who has accepted the challenge of the ASE tests. Some never even try.

recertified master tech
recertified master tech

Whether or not you passed all the tests you should note these things. The questions are tough, and the passing standards are high. Some good professionals, even those with a good deal of knowledge and experience, might not pass.

All the test questions were written and carefully checked by panels of experts who are working in the field. We specifically avoid trick questions or questions when more than one right answers.

The questions are designed to have three believable wrong answers. That is, answers that may look correct, but are definitely wrong if you know an important piece of the information.

If you didn’t do as well on the test as you would like, visit our website and click on the button labeled prepare to test.

There you will find free information to help you locate training and prepare for the tests. Once again thanks for your efforts. We hope you continue to accept the challenge of ASE in the future, best wishes the staff of ASE.