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What Are Bunded Fuel Tanks and Why Do You Need One?

What if your existing fuel storage solution is downright dangerous?

It turns out that bunded fuel tanks are one of the best and safest fuel storage options for your business. However, many people don’t know what bunded is and how it can help with fleet maintenance.

Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide to bunded fuel tanks!

What Are Bunded Fuel Tanks?

Bunded tanks are special fuel tanks used to store hazardous materials. An example of one such substance is domestic heating oil.

The “bunding” is actually the special exterior skin of the tank. This helps prevent leaking if the internal skin is punctured or damaged. These tanks are also quite affordable and can be purchased from vendors like Able Sales.

Now that you know what bunded fuel tanks are, it’s time to learn about the many benefits they can offer you.


It seems like every day we hear about another major fuel leak. Such leaks aren’t just bad for business; they are also bad for the environment!

One reason companies experience such leaks is that they only have one layer of potential protection. Once that layer begins leaking fuel, there’s nothing left to do except focus on the cleanup.

With bunded fuel tanks, the extra layer of protection helps prevent leaks. And this helps you to market how environmentally-friendly your company is.

Easy Compliance

Sure, taking care of the environment is all well and good. But did you know these special storage tanks can also help you comply with important laws and regulations?

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Various state and federal regulations determine things like safety standards for the storage of dangerous substances. And storing things like diesel fuel while remaining in compliance is legendarily difficult.

With a bundled tank, your fuel will be safer than ever. And just like that, your company will be more compliant with regulations than ever before! 

Extra Storage

So far, we’ve focused on the ethical and legal ramifications of these bundled tanks. But here’s a really practical benefit: they offer an immense amount of storage!

In fact, you get the best of both worlds. These tanks allow you to adjust how much liquid they will store at any given time.

If you only have a little bit to store, that’s okay. And if you need to store up to 120,000 liters, then these tanks will have you covered.

Future Proofing

To help your business succeed, it needs to be “future proof.” And that means focusing on decisions that are good investments for the future.

And trust us: these bundled tanks are an amazing investment. This is primarily due to how durable they are.

Having tanks that are secure and long-lasting means you won’t lose time and money constantly replacing cheaper tanks. And if regulations become stricter in the future, you’ll already have tanks that can handle the change.

The Bottom Line

Now you know what bunded fuel tanks are and how they can help your fleet. But do you know how else you can get a more efficient fleet of vehicles?

At Certified Master Tech, we are all about keeping your vehicles in top condition. If you need help with repairs, come check out our service repair manuals today!

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