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Ride With Me: How to Personalize Your Car With Your Style

Think about your car for a minute. It’s more than just a way to get from Point A to Point B. It’s the stage where you belt out your favorite tunes, the therapist’s couch where you and your friends hash out life’s problems. You do some of your best thinking while cruising down the highway.

Heck, if you’re like 42% of Americans, you even have a name for your car!

Doesn’t your car deserve more accessories and accouterments than a grimy old repair manual in the glove box and a faded, no-longer-fragrant pine tree hanging from the rearview mirror? Read on to learn how to personalize your car to reflect your vibe!

The Tried and True: Bumper Stickers

One of the OG ways to pimp your ride? Bumper stickers. Unlike in decades past, however, bumper stickers aren’t limited to peace signs and “This car climbed Mt. Hood” announcements. There are tons of unique stickers you can acquire to decorate your car and announce your personality to passersby.

You can even order custom-made bumper stickers! So no matter how esoteric your hobbies or interests, chances are that you can order up a sticker to reflect it. How cool is that? 

Decals That Honor Someone’s Memory

What better way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed on than with an “in memory of” decal? When a friend or family member has died, it’s easy to feel helpless. This is especially true if the loved one has been killed in the line of duty or during a tragic event.

Honor them, and keep the memory of that tragedy alive, with in memory of decals. You can even get customized decals that reflect your loved one’s profession or avocation. Other decals have an angel, heart, flower, or pawprint designs. 

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Reupholster Your Car Door Fabric

Say what? It’s true! Does your car have a panel of fabric on the inside of the driver’s and passenger’s side doors? The blogger behind Diary of a Mad Crafter can show you how to reupholster that part of the car so that your vehicle’s interior can more accurately match your interior. It requires less than a yard of fabric and a little bit of Mod Podge and can be finished in an afternoon.

Spruce up the Seats

Seat covers are easy to find, as well as inexpensive. That makes them a great option for personalizing your car. If you’re crafty, however, why not try your hand at making your own car seat covers? You can make them in the same fabric you used for that reupholstery project. Imagine how impressed your passengers will be!

The Difference is in the Details

To truly personalize your car, you’ll want to spend some time shopping for phone holders or mounts, a steering wheel cover, and the perfect air freshener to hang from your rearview mirror. These details will provide the finishing touch to your customized vehicle!

Now That You Know How to Personalize Your Car

Knowing how to personalize your car is about more than just picking up a bumper sticker and a little scented tree at the convenience store. Between custom decals and stickers to a handmade seat cover, there are lots of ways to make your ride homier than ever before!

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