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Pimp Their Ride: 10 Gifts for New Car Owners

One of the hardest things you’ll have to do this holiday season is shopping for suitable gifts for your loved ones.

Car enthusiasts are probably the most difficult group of people to shop for. They’re extremely selective about what goes on or into their cars, so finding a gift that actually impresses them is really tough. It gets worse if they have a new car.

Sure, you can just ask them what gifts they want in advance, but be ready for a long list of expensive car parts. If custom designed wheels, rare car add-ons, and supercharger kits are out of your budget, read on to find nifty, pocket-friendly gifts for new car owners.


1. Leather Driving Gloves

Driving gloves make a great gift for gearheads, especially during the cold days of winter. They’ll protect your loved one from a cold steering wheel, while providing good grip for safe driving. They also safeguard the steering wheel against oil or dirt that may build up as a result of driving with bare hands.

2. Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle

If the newest car owner in your family is a lady, an inverted umbrella is one of the best car gifts for her. The double-layer inverted design of this umbrella allows the outer wet layer to fold into a dry layer, preventing rainwater from dripping all over the car’s interior.

3. Car Phone Mount

A car phone mount stays centered on the front of the car’s dashboard, providing hands-free phone operation when driving.  

4. Fully Equipped Auto Care Kit

A fully equipped auto car care kit is probably one of the best car gifts for men who love their cars. Inside the kit, you’ll find everything needed to give a new car the deep cleaning it deserves.

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5. Car Audio System

If the new car owner is a music lover, an audio system will be a good gift idea. Be sure to check out our insights on the best car audio systems in today’s market.

6. Hail Protector

If you don’t have enough garage space in your home, a hail protector may just be the perfect new car gift your loved one. Go for inflatable options to save on storage space.  

7. Car Decals and Custom Vinyl Stickers

Car decals and stickers come in all sizes, colors, and patterns. Even better, you can get them customized to include a personalized theme for your loved one.

8. Personalized Leather Keychain

Car guys are all about customization, and that goes for everything including minor things like a keychain. To make this the perfect car accessories gift for him, have it customized with his name, favorite sports team logo, or anything he’ll love.

9. Kick Mats

If your loved one has kids or operates in muddy areas, consider getting them kick mats. These mats will efficiently protect the car’s floor from mud and spills, enhancing its durability.

10. Key Finder

This is a great convenience gift for any new car owner. It helps drivers locate their keys easily in case they lose them. Go for keyfinders that sync with your phone via Bluetooth so you can track down the keys using an app.

Which New Gifts for New Car Owners Will You Buy? 

Hopefully, these gift ideas will nudge you in the right direction as far as choosing gifts for new car owners is concerned.

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However, keep in mind that the perfect gift entirely depends on the receiver’s taste and preferences. Therefore, do some research before you settle on a particular gift.

Speaking of research, we have done tons of that to ensure that your new car owner knows the ins and outs of DIY auto maintenance. Be sure to check that out.