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The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

The global motorcycle market is worth $120 billion in 2018.

That’s a lot of motorcycle riders wanting accessories and motorcycling associated products.

Do you have someone in your life that loves living on two wheels? Read on for great ideas for Christmas gifts for motorcycle riders.

1. Kevlar Jeans

There was a time when motorcycle riding in shorts was not such a strange sight. These days anybody wearing shorts is likely to be seen as nothing short of an idiot. Who can possibly have failed to learn that motorcycling safety is part of enjoying a motorcycle?

The options for legwear are many and varied but one of the coolest is a pair of the latest Kevlar jeans. They look like jeans but the protection is many times greater.

2. Bike Magazine

A motorcycle magazine subscription will mean they get all the bike information they need every month. It might help while away the dull hours between bike rides.

3. T-Shirt

Under the motorcyclist’s protective clothing there lurks a T-shirt wearing motorcycle enthusiast. Why not feed their hunger for another motorcycling friendly T-shirt with just one more for the collection?

The options start with a motorcycle branded T-shirt. Check the brand of their bike first. There’s nothing more likely to disappoint a Harley Davidson diehard than to get them a Japanese bike T-shirt.

4. A Tank Bag

You can never have too many storage options. The problem is some bags look ungainly and get in the way. A sleek tank bag with a low profile will be a very welcome addition to their bike accessories.

5. Anything Harley Davidson

Even people who don’t ride bikes love Harley Davidson accessories. It’s a brand with a character that even motorcar drivers seem to appreciate. There’s something about the legacy of early Harley bikes that is great to identify with.

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Chose anything with a Harley Davidson logo on it and you can’t go wrong. Whether it’s a Zippo lighter, a key ring, or a cap, you’ll make that biker happy.

6. A Key Hook

Where does your motorcycle rider keep their keys? Are the keys in the pocket of the last pair of leathers they wore? Finding those keys can be a very stressful experience for the whole household.

The gift of a key hook may seem strange but think of the time and frayed nerves it will save.

7. A Good Read

“Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsig is the story of a motorcycle ride across the United States from Minnesota to California. There’s very little motorcycle maintenance in it and little on Zen Buddhism either. It’s a classic book of philosophical discussions with a cool title, perfect for a motorcycle themed Christmas present.

8. Cleaning Materials

Owning a motorcycle means lots of cleaning. Motorcycle cleaning needs materials and cleaning products. Include bike wash, polish and a pack of polishing and chamois cloths.

9. Framed Photograph

Have a photo of your motorcycle rider framed. The classic leaning around a corner shot would be ideal. Even a cheesy smile, standing next to the bike is a great memory.

10. Clear Vision

The gift of a clear view ahead is valued by any biker. Lens cleaning fluid and microfiber cloths to keep goggles, glasses or visors clean are safety essentials and make the riding experience so much more pleasant too. Look for a kit containing all the clear-sighted rider’s needs.

Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

These Christmas gifts for motorcycle riders will bring a smile to their face, even if you can’t see it behind the full-face helmet. 

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If they’re not riding a motorcycle a real motorcycle enthusiast is thinking about riding a motorcycle. Give them something to think about this Christmas.

Here are some great ideas for a motorcycle road trip.