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Is it Worth Buying an Extended Warranty for Used Cars?

Getting a used car obviously comes with its share of perks (like saving money). However, you should also be worried about what else you need to take care of when it comes to servicing your metal baby.

It’s a fact that used cars are more likely to need repairs than new ones. that being said, you’ll want to be prepared for when the time comes that you’ll need to service the car.

Enter extended warranties. Getting one of these should easily take care of any car problems you may run into, right?

Well, that’s where the tricky part comes in.

This article talks about the pros and cons of getting an extended warranty for used cars and gives you the facts you need to make an informed decision for yourself. Read on to find out more.

Should I Get an Extended Warranty for Used Cars?

This is a tricky question that’s going to come with a tricky answer.

On paper, it’s definitely a good idea to get an extended warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty only lasts a few months after you drive the car off the lot, and in most cases, nothing serious happens during that time.

Getting an extended warranty would cover you for years down the road, so if anything happens you should be covered. Sounds pretty good…correct?

It’d be fantastic if it weren’t for dishonest companies.

Those who sell extended warranties know how to work the system. They write up the contract in such a way that makes it sound good to the buyer. In reality, has a ton of loopholes to their benefit.

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With their crafty writeups, they word the document so that if anything actually does happen to your vehicle, they can easily find a way out to keep from paying the whole thing – if they pay anything at all.

Apart from the honor standpoint (or lack thereof) you also have to look at things from a financial standpoint as well.

Over the life of the used car, the majority of those — about 55 percent — who have ever bought an extended warranty never even used it.

Out of the 45 percent who have, the average buyer spent more on the warranty itself than it paid for the repairs.

Long story short, even though it may give you peace of mind to have the extended warranty, you may want to think twice before buying it. Make sure you go with a company worthy of your respect – and your wallet.

If you’re looking for a place that gives good warranties coupled with respective service, we suggest you try these guys at Cars Protection Plus. They have everything you need to make sure your used car stays in great shape.

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