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How To Change A Toyota Prius Battery Yourself

The Toyota Prius is a wildly popular vehicle because of its eco-friendly features and low gas mileage.

When it comes to getting the most of this car, you’ll need to figure out how to make repairs that’ll make it last for years. Start with the battery, since it’s among the most important features of the vehicle.

Before you run out and have an auto mechanic replace your Prius battery, make sure that you consider the benefits of doing it yourself.

When you go the DIY route, you’ll save money, while still getting the installation that you need.

To learn more about changing the battery for your Prius, read on and follow these points.

Find Out Whether Or Not You Actually Need A New Prius Battery

The last thing you’d want is to replace your Prius battery unnecessarily.

There are a number of things you’ll want to consider before buying a new one. Make sure that you run down this checklist before buying a new Prius battery for your vehicle.

Consider The Mileage

To get some information about whether you need a new battery, start by looking at your odometer.

When your car has high mileage, it’s typically an indication that your vehicle has gone through some wear and you’ll need to get a new battery. Though these batteries get a bad wrap, they’re actually made to last a few hundred thousand miles.

Toyota stands by this, since the original manufacturer’s warranty is good for upwards of between 100,000 miles and 150,000 miles depending on the age of your vehicle.

You’ll need to consider whether or not your check engine light is on and how your vehicle is driving as a whole. Knowing the mileage and general condition of your vehicle will let you know if a new battery is what you need.

If you check the mileage of your vehicle but still aren’t completely sure, try some of the following options.

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Try To Get A Jump

When your vehicle flat out won’t start, make sure that you look into getting a jump.

Make sure you’re familiar with how to jump an automobile and consider your options. For instance, you can use jumper cables and have another driver help you, or purchase a portable jumper pack that can get the job done.

If you try to jump the battery and it still won’t start, you’ll need to check a few other matters.

Get The Alternator Checked

Make sure that you look into the alternator whenever your vehicle won’t start.

A repair shop can check your battery for a readout, along with the condition of your alternator to see if there are issues.

Many people confuse battery and alternator issues since these two parts work hand in hand. Having a mechanic run a few checks will help you to make the best decision for you.

Figure Out If There Are Other Electrical Issues

Before getting a brand new battery, it’ll also be worth your while to contact a repair shop that can look into your electrical system.

By checking the system, they’ll know whether the battery won’t start due to a computer issue or electrical wiring malfunction. In many cases, something as simple as a blown fuse can make your vehicle fail to start.

Take an all-encompassing look at your Prius to figure out whether you’ll need to buy and install a new Prius battery.

Factor In The Cost Of Your Prius Battery

If you’re going through the process and realize that you need a new battery, it’s important to start factoring in your costs.

According to Toyota, a first-gen Prius battery costs approximately $2,300. Whether you purchase this battery directly from Toyota or through a third-party parts distributor, it’s important to shop around based on the year and model of your car.

Think about whether you’d like to buy the battery new or a refurbished version. When you get your costs in line, you’ll be able to handle the battery replacement without a problem.

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Make Sure To Buy A Warranty For Your Battery

Though the initial battery that came with your Prius has a warranty, you’ll want to get a new one for your replacement battery.

This warranty will cover you for a certain distance or years, depending on which comes first. Since you’re taking a crack at a DIY installation, it’s definitely important for you to get a warranty on your battery purchase.

Gather The Tools For Changing The Prius Battery

When you need to change your battery, there are some must-have automotive tools for you to get your hands on.

Make sure to purchase a socket wrench that will help you loosen the lug nuts on the battery, a set of pliers to loosen any cables and other tools that will help you make the switch.

On top of these tools, make sure that you get some baking soda so that you can clean your battery terminals.

Learn The Right Way To Change The Battery

The location of the battery is the biggest difference you’ll notice when it comes time to make the change.

In the Prius, the battery is found in the trunk by where the spare tire is stored. You’ll need to remove both the battery terminals and the vent tube so that the repair goes smoothly.

To understand the details of changing your Prius battery and make sure you’re avoiding mistakes, get your hands on a Prius repair manual that will help you out.

The manual will teach you all about precautions and other tips that will help the repair happen smoothly.

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