7 Money Saving Ford Fuel Saving Tips

It can be difficult to set a firm budget when it comes to gasoline due to the fact that gas prices fluctuate so often. Still, you want to spend as little as possible while still being able to drive as far as possible.

There’s no need to waste gas. It’s such a precious commodity that wasting gas is almost like pouring money down the drain. However, many people don’t know how to avoid it.

Want some tips for saving money on Ford fuel? Below, we’ve listed out seven ways you can change your driving habits and spend less money on gas as a result.

1. Slow Down

Did you know that fuel economy decreases rapidly after 50 mph? Speeding can take quite a bit of fuel that you’d prefer not to be guzzling down.

In fact, slowing down can increase fuel efficiency by up to 25%! Another way to think of it is this: for every 5 mph above 50, you pay an additional 26 cents per gallon. That’s one effective way to really save on Ford fuel.

Don’t waste your gas. Instead, take your foot off the pedal and drive the speed limit. Speeding may get you where you want to go more quickly, but it’s not doing your wallet–or your safety–any favors.

2. Remove Excess Weight

This is something you wouldn’t normally think about, but carrying around extra weight in your car will really drag you down. If you tend to store things in your trunk, you may want to consider switching up your habits.

Extra weight in your car can cause a slight decrease in the fuel efficiency of it. Let’s say you have 100 pounds of extra stuff in your back seat and trunk. Carrying that around with you can reduce your mileage by 4%!

Instead, you should clean out your car and travel as lightly as possible. Only store the essentials in your car. This could include jumper cables, an emergency kit, and any car repair tools you might need in case your car breaks down.

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3. Don’t Be Aggressive

Driving calmly and carefully on the roads is another one of the best ways to save on gas. In fact, aggressive driving can reduce the fuel economy of your car by up to a third!

Ways to drive smoothly include accelerating at a reasonable pace–don’t stamp your foot on the gas pedal–braking earlier than you need to, and not switching lanes too often. Braking softly as you approach a stop sign can also really help.

These tips not only help you save on fuel, but they also make the ride more comfortable for your passengers. They’ll even help your brakes and tires last longer.

4. Keep Your Engine Tuned

Having a healthy engine and tending to the proper care of your car will ensure that your car treats you just as well as you treat it!

Having a properly tuned engine can generate 40% better fuel economy. Plus, it’s better for the lifetime health of your car and also better for your peace of mind. Maintaining your car well can prevent costly repairs and inconvenient situations later on.

You should also be aware that failing an emissions test is a bad sign. It’s not only bad for the environment, it’s bad for your car’s health and efficiency.

Make sure to keep your car in tip-top shape and it will drive the best it can for you. Getting good gas mileage is a byproduct of having a well-maintained car.

5. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Keeping your tires at the proper inflation level is not only fuel efficient, it’s also safer for you and better for your car.

Properly inflated tires drive much better and can even last longer than improperly filled tires. A car mechanic can fill your tires for you or show you where to locate your car’s recommended tire inflation pressure.

Overinflating your tires is also something you should avoid. It can cause your car problems and be dangerously close to being ready to pop!

6. Close Your Windows

Driving with your windows down may seem really fun and free-spirited. While there’s always room for enjoying a beautiful day driving with the windows down, you should also be aware that having open windows quickly takes from your fuel efficiency.

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Having open windows creates drag throughout your car, which makes your car work harder to go the same speed. The lower wind resistance with closed windows can help you save on Ford fuel.

Instead, if you’re driving on the highway or at speeds faster than 55 mph, just turn on your air conditioning. This will be more efficient than opening your windows.

7. Use Cruise Control

Turning on that cruise control button is another great way to save on Ford fuel.

Not only will it discourage you from speeding up mindlessly or feeling the need to pass every car around you, it will settle in to maintain a constant speed for your car.

Accelerating your car requires a spurt of additional fuel. Turning on cruise control can help you avoid using this additional gas. It also helps you focus on driving by knowing that the proper speed limit is taken care of for you.

One recommended tactic is simply to set your cruise control at your vehicle’s most fuel-efficient speed whenever appropriate. This’ll keep you at the ideal place for fuel economy.

Never stray more than 5 mph or so up or down from the speed limit. It’s both unsafe and against the law.

Wondering How Else to Save on Ford Fuel?

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