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Using Snapshot Mode on Automotive Scanners

automotive scanner snapshot mode

Actron 9580 snapshot scan tool

I get a few questions about using snapshot mode on automotive scanners. It is one of the features I use often when the diagnosis is getting complicated. It’s one of my favorite features of the tool because it can also be useful in pinpointing intermittent car problems that can be difficult to find using other reliable methods.

Let’s say you have an intermittent problem that is caused by a loose or corroded electrical connection to an automotive sensor. The problem turns on the check engine light or causes an issue when the vehicle hits a bump or slams a pothole in the road. The automotive scanner with a snapshot mode can provide data for diagnosis.

Information from the data stream can be reviewed right before and after the vehicle hits the bump or pothole. I have written some reviews of automotive scanners in several price ranges and a few of them are capable of taking these diagnostic snapshots of the data stream. When it comes to Diy auto mechanics it seems that this feature is underutilized.

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Auto Repair Manual Questions


auto scan tool

Auto repair manual questions and answers. These next couple of posts will address some frequently asked questions about why I recommend using online car repair manuals. This next question is actually from a Diy car mechanic.

This driveway warrior and site visitor would like to know what brand I recommend and why. He also would like some information on auto scan tools. He asks what is a good choice for home car repairs. The actual conversation is posted below for you to review.

Auto repair manual questions

Question and Comment: I found your Great car site recently. I believe it was linked off somewhere else or found it off a search engine regarding OBD or auto repair information but can’t remember. I have read many of your pages and gave it a bookmark. You can be sure I will return to read the rest soon.

repair-diagram-websiteA car question for you; on one page you talk about and link to the Mitchell e Auto Repair online manuals, and on your Auto Repair Manuals page, you advocate All-Data repair diagrams website.

I have not used either one and my question is which do you like better from the aspect of a non professional but reasonably accomplished Diy car repair mechanic? I did auto mechanic work professionally till about 1981.

I then went to work for the Government in other non automotive specialty areas. I have not done major car repairs since, but have performed most of the minor repair work on my own vehicles when time permitted. I have not really kept up with the OBD II or electronic management systems which were just coming to fruition when I quit the automotive profession.

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