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Auto parts careers

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Auto parts careers do not usually pay well at the entry level. But if someone has the time and patience not only can this be a fun and rewarding job that can eventually pay well. This is a career that is an excellent choice for those who know about cars but would rather not perform the physical work on them.

Although you may not have to get dirty by turning wrenches a lot of the knowledge required to be in the auto parts business is shared with the knowledge required to be an auto repair technician. Where I work I often discuss highly technical matters with the auto parts counter person.

In fact our parts manager talks to so many technicians throughout the day that she has become quite knowledgeable about the automobile and its systems. She is also on the cutting edge of likely solutions to many different auto repair problems because she gets to see firsthand trends in repairs and failed parts.

As an example although she is a smart lady it doesn’t take an expert to figure out that she has bought 10 or 15 egr valves in the last month for Cummings diesel engines. She responds to this repair trend by stocking an EGR valve on the shelf and replacing it whenever it is dispatched. So now when we need an exhaust gas recirculation valve there is no waiting and the vehicles are up and running quickly.

Other auto parts careers

Working in aftermarket parts distribution is another option for someone who likes cars but does not want to work on them. The word aftermarket refers to a network of businesses that supply replacement auto parts to independent service shops and local dealerships.

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A lot of these aftermarket parts distribution centers carry extremely large inventories of many different replacement parts. Warehouse distributors serve as a large distribution center and sell these parts and supplies to shops and driveway mechanics.

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Some parts stores focus on individual or walk-in customers. These businesses offer the do it yourself driveway mechanic not only parts but also in some cases advice and testing of suspected failed components. If you take a starter motor into an auto zone in most cases they will be able to bench test the part and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

There are many auto parts career opportunities available in the aftermarket parts distribution network. Companies are constantly searching for knowledgeable people to represent and sell their auto parts and products. For example a sales representative working for an aftermarket parts manufacture should have a good knowledge of the company’s products.

This sales representative can often assist the shop that it deals with in training so that everyone using their products and replacement parts is properly trained and informed. As an example the local aftermarket parts supplier that supplies our shop also holds auto repair clinics once a month after work from 6 to 9. Not only do they provide snacks but they also bring in specialists to discuss certain auto repair topics.

In fact at the last auto repair clinic the local tool man came by and gave us a demonstration of an inexpensive auto scanner that did a nice job. Auto parts careers are perfect for people that enjoy being around the automobile but may not be into the busted knuckles and grease under the fingernails that comes with being an auto mechanic. For more of the latest posts to this website stop by and visit the auto repair information blog.

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